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Hot Super Premium Multifunctional BIN 2021

With our Hot Super Premium Multifunctional BIN 2021, you can get hold of premium subscriptions for free. This BIN list will be updated on regular basis with working ones.

We also have other Multifunctional BIN codes here on MY VIP TUTO Which are still working. Also, you can check out our BIN catalogue for BIN codes for popular services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Spotify, etc.

What is a Super Premium Multifunctional BIN?

BIN code, in general, are the first four or 6 digits of a credit card or any prepaid card. And the BIN code can be used to determine the type of Credit card you are using as well as the card issuer.

A Premium Multifunctional BIN, unlike other BINs, for example, Netflix BIN which can only be used on Netflix, can be used on many different sites.

Requirements to use this BIN

Note: This article is for educational purposes only. And to avoid any issues with your account, consider always using a temporal or disposable email for carding.

  • A Good internet connection
  • Strong VPN like ExpressVPN, NordVPN, etc.
  • A good private web browser like Firefox Focus for Android.
  • A working CC generator
  • Live credit card check tool
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Brief steps on how to use this BIN

  1. Make sure to connect on a strong VPN. The VPN server should match the country indicated by the BIN code IP Adress.
  2. Copy BIN and generate CC(credit cards) using this CC Generator tool.
  3. Copy generated CC. It will include the CVV and the expiry date and check for Live ones using this tool.
  4. Copy Live CC and use as a payment method on the service in question.

Freshly added bins

BIN: 4867421522xxxxxx

Working on :

🔸 WWE Network
🔸Marvel unlimited

📤 | Bin : 539639xxxxxxxxxx
📮 | IP : USA 🇺🇸

✅ Working On :

✔️WWE Network✔️Hootsuite
✔️Philo TV
✔️Acron TV
✔️Small PDF
✔️PDF Drive

Bin : 601100351312xxxx

Fetcha : 09|22
IP : USA 🇺🇸

Works on:

✓Old navy


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