Best Apps for Buying and Selling Pre-Owned Books

If you are in possession of some pre-owned books you no longer need, you may want to sell them. These best Apps for buying and selling pre-owned books will be of great use to you.

Many people love reading books and at one time find themselves with a lot of books they do not longer need. So, what to do with these books? Of course, you can throw them away! In this case, why not sell them?

Finding a good market place to sell pre-owned books might prove difficult, but with these apps, thing will be much more easier.

Check out these 4 best apps for buying and selling of pre-owned books.

Buying and selling of pre-owned books: Which App to use?

Now let(s take a look at the 4 best apps you can use if you are interested in buying a pre-owned book or selling one if you no longer need it.

#1: Depop


Depop is one of the best apps to use when it comes to selling or buying of books. The app offers a plethora of books from individual sellers. And the good thing is you can also be one of the sellers or buyers.

At first sight, Depop might appear to be a marketplace just for selling or buying clothes. But the truth is you can sell or buy used books using this app.

With Depop, you can communicate directly with sellers and ask about the product, or get in touch if you have issues with your item.

The payment method used here is PayPal making transactions fast and secured.

Depop - Buy & Sell Clothes App
Depop - Buy & Sell Clothes App
Developer: Depop
Price: Free
‎Depop | Buy & Sell Clothing
‎Depop | Buy & Sell Clothing
Developer: Depop Ltd
Price: Free

#2: eBay

Best Apps for Buying and Selling Pre-Owned Books

This is one of the most popular online shop where you can buy or sell almost any kind of products. From electronic products to books, you can use the eBay app to seel your pre-owned books or buy new ones.

Payment is done via PayPal and you can check products reviews as well as contact sellers to discuss the price.

Buy new & second hand items from the brands you love. Get the app from the link below

eBay: The shopping marketplace
eBay: The shopping marketplace
‎eBay: The shopping marketplace
‎eBay: The shopping marketplace

#3: ThriftBooks – One Of The Best Apps for Buying and Selling Pre-Owned Books

Best Apps for Buying and Selling Pre-Owned Books

Another good app to use if you are hoping to sell your used books or buy one is ThriftBooks. Of course you can also sell or buy new books using this app.

The ThriftBooks app lets book lovers quickly and easily search, browse, get book details, and buy millions of books, textbooks, and graphic novels. Scan bar codes to compare prices and check availability to make sure you get the best book prices

The is also the ReadingRewards program you can join to earn points. And with your points, you can get a FREE BOOK for every 500 points you’ve earned.

#4: Ziffit

With Ziffit, their advanced barcode scanning feature can easily get the price for your books. Scan your pre-loved books into our speedy app and turn those page turners into dollar earners.

Turn your Android device into a money-making, clutter-clearing, time-saving machine. Just download the free Ziffit app to convert your clutter into cash.

Our take

Now that you know of the best apps for buying and selling pre-owned books, you can now make some extra bucks from books you no longer have use for. Personally, I use eBay and ThriftBooks.

The apps we have listed above may not be the best for. So, we will be happy to get recommendations from your reading this article.

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