Best online Youtube video converters 2022
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Best online Youtube video converters 2022

Best online Youtube video converters 2022. Although there are many tools to help you convert YouTube videos to say MP3 for example, we also have some very interesting tools that work online. Although downloading videos from youtube is child’s play, it can be very complex if you do not have the right tools to do so. Among the download options available on youtube, the youtube converter is one of the most effective and simple ways to convert a video and then download it to the format of your choice.

The youtube video sharing platform is by far one of the best known and most used platforms on the web. It allows its users to create, share and follow their videos in order to build a community. Users can watch hours of videos without any restrictions. But what if you want to download a youtube video?

Use an online video converter to download your computer tricks to your PC and watch them later. Or download your free full youtube movies in a format of your choice to watch them offline.

Whether it is an MP4, MP3 or any other format converter model, the operating principle is essentially the same. The methodology and the algorithms used can be different for different applications. But however, the manipulations and actions undertaken by the users for the conversion of his videos remain the same.

The principles, moreover very basic, are the following. The user must locate the target video on youtube. Then copy the link (URL) of it and return to paste it in the form provided for this purpose on the converter.

About YouTube

YouTube is an American online video sharing and social media platform headquartered in San Bruno, California. It was launched on February 14, 2005, by Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Jawed Karim. Owned by Google, it is the second most visited website, right after Google itself. YouTube has more than one billion monthly users who collectively watch more than one billion hours of videos each day. As of May 2019, videos were being uploaded at a rate of more than 500 hours of content per minute.

In October 2006, YouTube was bought by Google for $1.65 billion. Google’s ownership of YouTube has also changed its business model; it no longer generates revenue from advertisements alone, YouTube now offers paid content such as movies and exclusive content produced by YouTube. It also offers a paid subscription option for watching content without ads, YouTube Premium. YouTube and approved creators participate in Google’s AdSense program, which seeks to generate more revenue for both parties. YouTube’s reported revenue for 2020 was $19.8 billion.

Since its purchase by Google, YouTube has expanded beyond the core website into mobile apps, network television, and the ability to link with other platforms. Video categories on YouTube include music videos, video clips, news, short films, feature films, documentaries, audio recordings, movie trailers, teasers, live streams, vlogs, and more. Most content is generated by individuals, including collaborations between YouTubers and corporate sponsors. Established media corporations such as Disney, Paramount Global, and WarnerMedia have also created and expanded their corporate YouTube channels to advertise to a larger audience.

YouTube has had an unprecedented social impact, influencing popular culture, internet trends, and creating multimillionaire celebrities. Despite all its growth and success, YouTube has been widely criticized. Criticism of YouTube includes the website being used to facilitate the spread of misinformation, copyright issues, routine violations of its users’ privacy, enabling censorship, and endangering child safety and wellbeing.

Video converters

Video converters are computer programs that can change the storage format of digital video. They may recompress the video to another format in a process called transcoding, or may simply change the container format without changing the video format.

Best online Youtube video converters 2022

YouTube mp4 online converters

1. mp4 converter

For a second time, the application is in the first place. This is surely due to the wide range of formats supported by it.

In practice, with this converter, you have the possibility of easily converting your videos into more than ten formats. Among which we have others:

audio formats

  • M4A
  • MP3
  • WAV
  • AAC
  • OGG
  • WMA
  • FLAC

Video Formats

  • AVI
  • MP4
  • MPG
  • MOV
  • WMV
  • KMV
  • M4V
  • WEBM
  • FLV
  • 3GP


Mpgun is a simple, fast, web-based and free YouTube converter that allows you to directly download and convert videos to MP4 or MP3.

 This is a YouTube MP4 converter that guarantees the best conversion quality. Mpgun is a web application that works on PCs as well as on Android tablets and smartphones.

3. YTmp3


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The most interesting feature of YTMp3 is that it allows you to download youtube playlists. It offers the ability to convert entire playlists, something not found on most similar sites.

With YTMp3, you can also download videos from YouTube and convert them to higher quality MP3 music.

It’s free, reliable, easy to use and supports media formats MP4, MP3, FLV, M4V, WMV, WEBM and more.

youtube avi converter is a free online media converter application that allows you to select, convert and download almost any URL containing audio or video content in various formats.

Currently, supports various services including YouTube (720p, 1080p, 4K), FaceBook, Vimeo, YouKu, and more than 200 other sites.

Best mp3 converter for youtube.

We have selected for you the most effective web applications to manage conversions of youtube videos to mp3. They all have an integrated search engine. It is therefore enough to enter the title of a video to have proposals.

Some of them even have auto-completion. Thus, it helps you when entering your title.


This is the best on our list. Y2meta is indeed the only web application on our list that meets the most criteria. Indeed, it has auto-completion, search by link, but also a direct access command from YouTube. A chrome extension of this application is also available.

Quick access is simply to add “zz” in the video link like this “youtube[zz].com”. That is if your youTube video link from the address bar is,

to get the y2meta link you will add the “ZZ” and obtain

The “zz” goes before the .com in the YouTube video address.

Moreover, y2meta supports a very wide range of formats including MP3 (Mp3 128kbps, 320kbps, 64kbps, 96kbps, 192kbps, 256kbps), AAC, MP4, M4V, 3GP, WMV, WMA, FLV, MO, WEBM, and even more.



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Developer: 237 SOLUTIONS
Price: Free

Functioning identically to its predecessor y2meta, has the particularity of being the one with the fewest ads possible. Indeed does not suffocate you under a ton of advertisements as many services of the genre do.

As a Quick Access trick, with we instead have a bookmark that allows direct access to the application. A chrome extension is also available on the chrome store, and

The same application is present on three different websites. They don’t just sound alike but cough identical. Indeed, it is the same youtube video converter with the same interface and the same functionality that is offered to you on the sites, and

A super easy to use application, it has the advantage of offering a fairly fast conversion time as well as a decent download speed.

  • Enter the title or paste the link of the video to convert to MP3 in the search box of the site
  • Thereafter, choose the quality of the mp3 audio format (early compression) of your choice
  • Then click on the “Get Link” button present on the site
  • Now wait for Youtube to MP3 conversion to face
  • Finally, press “Download” to save your music

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