Brain Hacking Presentations Skills
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[ 100% off] Brain Hacking Presentations Skills

Take this Brain Hacking Presentations Skills personal development Udemy paid course now for free. The coupon link for this course we have here is valid for a limited time. So, note that this course might no more be free by the time of your visit.

This course comprises of presentation Skills Hacks: 7 Neuroscience hacks to make presentations, public speaking and PowerPoint more impactful.

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What you’ll learn

  • How to make compelling slides and visuals for presentations
  • How to strategically direct the attention of your audience to maximize retention
  • How to present and communicate numerical data, charts and graphs

Brain Hacking Presentations Skills – Course Description

Brain Hacking is a tactics based approach to learning how to be a better presenter and improve your communication skills quickly.   This course will focus on simple tactics you can apply immediately to make your PowerPoint (or whatever slide creation software you are using) more impactful and your public speaking more memorable.  This course will focus on speaking with visuals.

What does “BRAIN HACKING” mean?  Most courses teach you ideas (i.e. make your slides simple with few words) and that is great, but they don’t show you the how or give you strategies to accomplish this.  This is where this communication skills course comes in.  This course will introduce a practical science-based approach to communication with techniques developed from Neuroscience and Evolutionary Biology.

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By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Design slides with a minimum of words to create interest and curiosity
  • Create visually impactful slides
  • Adapt to situations where you cannot change slides
  • Use simple key commands to direct attention
  • Apply 2 simple agenda strategies to enhance understanding and retention

Also instead of hypothetical examples, this course will feature actual before and after examples from real presentations.  Forget courses that last hours and really don’t impact behaviour.  This course will give you the tools to improve your presentation skills and communication skills instantly!

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Instructor(s)Ivan Wanis Ruiz
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Duration42 Minutes
Coupon valid until25/07/2021
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