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[dl] Ethical Hacking – Intermediate Hands-on Training

Are you into ethical hacking? Then this Ethical Hacking – Intermediate Hands-on Training course is something you should take a look at. And the good news is you can get this paid course for free from here.

Ethical Hacking – Intermediate Hands-on Training is an intermediate hands-on course for learning ethical hacking.

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What you’ll learn

  • Web Application Attacks
  • Wireless Network Attacks
  • Python scripting for pentesters

Ethical Hacking – Intermediate Hands-on Training Course Description

Alert –

Ethical Hacking – Intermediate Hands-on Training is a continuation of Ethical Hacking – Hands-on Training Part I. Before taking this course, students should have completed an introduction to an ethical hacking or pentesting course. For best results, students should have completed Ethical Hacking – Hands-on Training Part I before signing up for the intermediate course. 

Ethical Hacking – Intermediate Hands-on Training picks up where Part I leaves off. In Part I, students were taught the fundamentals of pentesting while being introduced to some basic skills.

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Ethical Hacking – Intermediate Hands-On Training provides an intermediate level of white, grey, and black hat skills every cybersecurity professional needs to know.  Advanced reconnaissance techniques are taught using the NMap scripting engine and various hacking tools used by pentesters.

Sections include Web Application Attacks, Wireless Network Attacks, PowerShell Empire, Netcat, and Wireshark Fundamentals.

For the best experience in learning to be an ethical hacker or pentester, students should complete the instructor’s complete series on ethical hacking, starting with Ethical Hacking – Hands-On Training Part I and proceed on to the intermediate course.

The capstone for this series is the three Ethical Hacking Capture the Flag Courses, where the student will learn to apply and use all the techniques taught in the series.

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Cours creator(s)Prof. K
Original price$19.99
Course duration7.5 hours


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