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Ethical Hacking Masterclass[Udemy]

Become a master in Ethical hacking! Enrol now for this Ethical Hacking Masterclass Udemy course by JADA eLearning for free and save $199.99. Hone your skills and become a master in Ethical hacking.

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What you’ll learn

  • Basic Concepts of Networking
  • TCP IP Protocol
  • IP addressing and Routing
  • Network-based attacks
  • Password Cracking
  • DNS and Email Security
  • and Much Much More


  • Beginners are Welcome

The Ethical Hacking Masterclass Course Description

I would like to welcome you to this course on Ethical Hacking. This is the first lecture of this course. Now, in this lecture, I will try to give you a very overall idea about what ethical hacking exactly is, what are the scopes of an ethical hacker and towards the end, I shall give you some idea about the coverage of this course — what are the things we are expected to cover ok. So, the title of this lecture is Introduction to Ethical Hacking.

Now, in this lecture, as I told you, firstly we shall try to tell you what is ethical hacking? There is a related terminological penetration testing, we will also be discussing that. And some of the roles of an ethical hacker, what an ethical hacker is expected to do and what he or she is not expected to do that we shall try to distinguish and discuss. 

So, let us first start with the definition of ethical hacking. What exactly is ethical hacking? Well, we all have heard the term hacking and hacker essentially the term has been associated with something which is bad and malicious. Well, when we hear about somebody as a hacker, we are a little afraid and cautious ok. I mean as if the person is always trying to do some harm to somebody else to some other networks, try to steal something, trying to steal something from some IT infrastructure and so on and so forth.

But ethical hacking is something different. Well, ethical hacking as per the definition if you just look at it, it essentially refers to locating the weaknesses and vulnerabilities. It means suppose you have a network, you have an organizational network, you have an IT, IT infrastructure, you have computers which contains some software, some data, a lot of things are there. Now, you try a, I mean here you are trying to find out, whether your infrastructural network does have some weak points or vulnerabilities through which an actual hacker can break into your system, into your network. {Full description here}

Who this course is for:

  • Who wants to start a new career or just want to know more About Ethica Hacking

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