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[100% off] Microsoft Office 365 | Ultimate Bootcamp 2021

[100% off] Microsoft Office 365 | Ultimate Bootcamp 2021 Udemy paid course valid for a limited time. WORD, EXCEL, ACCESS, POWERPOINT, PUBLISHER & TEAMS.

What you’ll learn

  • Learn the essential and advanced Microsoft Office Skills in Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Publisher, Teams and Access
  • Learn the essentials of using formulas and functions in Excel
  • Learn practical methods to sort and filter your data in Excel
  • Learn how to use and how to customize the Quick Access Toolbar.
  • Learn to use autofill and flashfill so you are more productive in Microsoft Excel.
  • Learn data entry, cell formatting, working with multiple worksheets and the “Ribbon” interface.
  • Learn how to rename, insert, move, and reference an Excel worksheet.
  • Learn how to insert shapes, graphics and pictures to your PowerPoint
  • Learn how to add charts, graphs and tables to your PowerPoint presentation information in a non-text format
  • Learn practical tips to present your PowerPoint presentation to your audience
  • Learn how to customize PowerPoint for greater productivity by customizing the Microsoft Office Ribbon
  • Learn Word tools including using columns, indents, footers, borders and watermarks.
  • Learn how to create a mail merge in Microsoft Word
  • Learn to protect your Word document from changes
  • Learn how to make your Word documents look amazing by inserting and editing tables
  • Learn sorting information and running queries in Access
  • Learn how to import data from Excel in Access
  • Learn forms, queries, use validations, how to create and print reports in Access
  • Learn how to create a linked table in Access
  • Learn how to create an event card in Publisher
  • Learn how to edit different event cards in Publisher
  • Learn how to create or join the team in Teams
  • Learn how to add, remove members in Teams
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Microsoft Office 365 | Ultimate Bootcamp 2021 Course Description

**This course includes 10 hours of on-demand video lectures, practice exercises and LIFETIME access**

Learn Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Word, Teams, and Publisher 365 in one course

The Microsoft Office suite is used by millions worldwide. Unlocking its full potential could see you drastically improve your productivity.

This course is designed to help you accomplish office tasks easily and with greater efficiency, Microsoft Office is the choice of many office professionals. If you’re working in an office, you’ll likely need to use the Microsoft Office suite and it’s likely you’re working for it, rather than having it work for you. Turn that around today and finally learn all the deep, dark secrets of Microsoft Office.

Microsoft Word 365

  • How to get started with Word 365
  • Word 365 basics including navigation, editing and saving
  • Character formatting in Word including Format Painter and AutoCorrect
  • How to properly work with bullets and numbering in Microsoft Word
  • All about formatting paragraphs and managing lists
  • Working with Tables in Word including formatting, converting data and formulas
  • Page appearance including page-breaks, watermarks and styles
  • All about Sectioning a document
  • Inserting graphics, pictures, shapes, icons and 3d models (new for 2019)
  • How to work with envelopes and labels
  • All about mail-merge and operating Word at scale
  • How to create an Index or Contents page
  • Reviewing and Printing in Word and Page Setup
  • Protecting a Word document and basic macros in Word

Microsoft Excel 365

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  • Creating workbooks
  • Entering text, numbers and working with dates
  • Navigating workbooks
  • Page setup and print options
  • Working with rows, columns, and cells
  • Cut, Copy and Paste
  • Introduction to Functions and Formulas
  • Formatting in Excel, including formatting cells and numbers
  • Creating charts and graphs
  • Sorting and Filtering
  • Introduction to PivotTables
  • Logical and lookup formulas – the basics
  • Advanced charting and graphing in Excel
  • How to use detailed formatting tools
  • Lookup and advanced lookup functions
  • Statistical functions
  • Connecting to other workbooks and datasets outside of Excel e.g. MS Access and the web.
  • Mastery of PivotTables and Pivot Charts
  • Advanced charts such as Surface, Radar, Bubble and Stock Charts

Microsoft Access 365

  • All about importing data and the datasheet view
  • How tables work in Access and how to create relationships between them
  • Creating forms and sub-forms that feed data into your tables
  • How to run queries in Access
  • Setting up validations and calculations using expressions in Access
  • Printing from Access
  • To start to use macros and Modal Dialog
  • The basics of the Access web app
  • Exporting and reporting in Access
  • About Primary Keys and Indexes in Access
  • About customizing and filtering on the Datasheet View
  • How to link to other databases
  • All about Macros in Access
  • More advanced techniques around creating forms in Access
  • Advanced queries
  • Generating reports

Microsoft PowerPoint 365

  • How to navigate around PowerPoint
  • Presentation dos and don’ts
  • Text and bullet edition options
  • How to use graphics, images, objects and shapes
  • Using SmartArt
  • Working with Charts and Graphs
  • How to utilize Master Slides and just how much time this could save you
  • How to add audio and video to a presentation
  • All about transitions & animations between slides
  • Setting your slideshow options
  • Presentation preparation and delivery
  • The backstage area of PowerPoint including printing a presentation

Microsoft Publisher 365

  • How to create and use event template
  • Customizing template
  • Text and bullet edition options
  • How to use graphics, images, objects and shapes
  • Adding color schemes 

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Microsoft Teams

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  • How to create your first team and manage members and channels
  • All about posting and receiving public and private messages
  • How to do user announcements, tags, and message extensions
  • How to schedule an audio or video call
  • How to use the audio and video calling options including recording calls
  • How to use the meeting notes function
  • All about using built-in apps
  • How to adjust admin and user settings

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