VMware Certified Professional Data Center Virtualization
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VMware Certified Professional Data Center Virtualization Course Description

Data center virtualization is the process of creating a modern data center that is highly scalable, available and secure. With data center virtualization products that are software defined and highly automated, you can increase IT agility and create a seamless foundation to manage private and public cloud services alongside traditional on-premises infrastructure.

Virtualization allows multiple, resource-intensive applications to be run on one physical system. VMware ESXi is a bare-metal hypervisor, which can install directly on top of a physical server, sharing their resources with the host, and with each other. VMware vCenter Server provides centralized management for virtual machines and ESXi hosts. In this course, you will explore VMware vSphere and VMware vCenter Server including the system requirements, features, key benefits, and supporting products of VMware vCenter Server.

Benefits of Virtualization

Virtualization can increase IT agility, flexibility and scalability while creating significant cost savings. Greater workload mobility, increased performance and availability of resources, automated operations – they’re all benefits of virtualization that make IT simpler to manage and less costly to own and operate. Additional benefits include:

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Reduced capital and operating costs.

Minimized or eliminated downtime.

Increased IT productivity, efficiency, agility and responsiveness.

Faster provisioning of applications and resources.

Greater business continuity and disaster recovery.

Simplified data center management.

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Availability of a true Software-Defined Data Center..

topic covered in this course

  • Configure and Administer vSphere Security
  • Configure and Administer Advanced vSphere Networking
  • Configure and Administer Advanced vSphere Storage
  • Upgrade a vSphere Deployment
  • Administer and Manage vSphere Resources
  • Backup and Recover a vSphere Deployment
  • Troubleshoot a vSphere Deployment
  • Deploy and Consolidate vSphere Data Center
  • Configure and Administer vSphere Availability Solutions
  • Administer and Manage vSphere Virtual Machines