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6 Best Wifi Hacking Tools in 2022: The first is a must-have

Here we have the 6 best WiFi hacking tools to use in 2022. These WiFi hacking tools can let you get connected to a protected WiFi connection.

The internet has become the very backbone of our today’s economy and many industries depend solely on it for different purposes. You at your own level may simply need it for WhatsApp, Facebook and other minor research purposes but you can actually do more! Today people use WiFi to get connected to the internet and this mode of connection is usually secured. But a WiFi connection being secured with a password can still be hacked!

An “internet hungry neighbour” who doesn’t have access to the internet might use one of these tools to hack and obtain the password of your WiFi. But also, some of these tools could be used at industrial levels to check how employees are using the connection.

WiFi connections are secured with a password plus WAP, WAP2, and WPS enabled can be hacked using the tools provided here.

Is hacking a WiFi connection a good thing?

Well, some people may not see it as bad, but the act is illegal. Hacking or piggybacking on an open WiFi connection is illegal in most countries. In some states in the US unauthorized access of a network is a criminal offence, in other states piggybacking can be fined.

But in some countries, depending on what the hacker gets to access, hacking may not be punishable by law. That is, for example, if you are hacking a WiFi connection just to get access to the internet without accessing the computer sharing the connection, then it may not be considered a crime.

How can a WiFi hacking tools be of use to an Ethical Hacker?

An ethical Hacker in the first place is a person who hacks into a computer network in order to test or evaluate its security, rather than with malicious or criminal intent. Such a person can make use of WiFi hacking tools to check the security level of a WiFi network and come out with countermeasures to prevent an intruder from using them to get unauthorised access.

And if you are not an Ethical Hacker?

Since most WiFi hacking tools do not only help you connect to a protected WiFi but also allows you to see the password, it can be used to retrieve forgotten WiFi passwords

6 Best Wifi Hacking Tools to use in 2022

Some of these tools work on mobile, whereas others are for computers. Below among many WiFi hacking tools, we’ve selected the 6 Best Wifi Hacking Tools.

WiFi WPS WPA Tester(Android)

If you want to know if a WiFi connection is vulnerable for WPS protocol, then this Android app is all your need. With this app, you can try the connection to a Wi-Fi Access Point via WPS PIN.
PINs are calculated with several algorithms through MAC Address and there are others PINs included in a local database for many Access Point.

The app works on both rooted and non-rooted Android devices, offering more advantage to users with root. You can see the password of any WiFi you get connected to using this app if you have root access.

AirSnort: Best Wifi Hacking Tools in 2021


With AirSnort, you can decrypt WEP encryption on a wi-fi 802.11b network. AirSnort operates by passively monitoring transmissions, computing the encryption key when enough packets have been gathered. This tool is simple to use. If you are interested, you can try this tool to crack WEP passwords.

This tool is available for Windows and Linus OS

Cain & Able

Cane & Abel

Cain and Abel is a password recovery tool for Microsoft Windows. It can recover many kinds of passwords using methods such as network packet sniffing, cracking various password hashes by using methods such as dictionary attacks, brute force and cryptanalysis attacks.

Using this freeware will require you install WinPcap.


AirJack is a device driver (or suit of device drivers) for 802.11(a/b/g) raw frame injection and reception. It is meant as a development tool for all manor of 802.11 applications that need to access the raw protocol.

This wireless cracking tool is very useful in injecting forged packets and making a network down by denial of service attack. This tool can also be used for a man in the middle attack in the network.



Aircrack-ng is a complete suite of tools to assess WiFi network security.

It focuses on different areas of WiFi security:

  • Monitoring: Packet capture and export of data to text files for further processing by third-party tools
  • Attacking: Replay attacks, deauthentication, fake access points and others via packet injection
  • Testing: Checking WiFi cards and driver capabilities (capture and injection)
  • Cracking: WEP and WPA PSK (WPA 1 and 2)

All tools are command line which allows for heavy scripting. A lot of GUIs have taken advantage of this feature. It works primarily Linux but also Windows, OS X, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD, as well as Solaris and even eComStation 2.

The installation guide for this tool on both Windows, Linux and macOS can be found here


Kismet is a wireless network and device detector, sniffer, wardriving tool, and WIDS (wireless intrusion detection) framework. We couldn’t list our 6 Best Wifi Hacking Tools in 2021 without adding it to the list.

Kismet works with Wi-Fi interfaces, Bluetooth interfaces, some SDR (software-defined radio) hardware like the RTLSDR, and other specialised capture hardware.

Kismet works on Linux, OSX, and, to a degree, Windows 10 under the WSL framework.

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