Below are the download links for a 64bits Windows 10 build 14393 MUI language packs. All links are directly from the Microsoft server. After downloading, follow the guide here to install and use this language pack.

What is the MUI language pack?

The Multilingual User Interface (MUI) is a Microsoft technology for Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office and other applications that with support for the installation of multiple display languages on a single system. Such a feature allows users to select or use their desired languages.

Windows MUI language packs can be downloaded and installed manually or directly using Windows update. But not all builds have support for installing a new display language via the Windows update. So, if you are in possession of the Windows 10 build 14393, then you should get your MUI language packs from this page and install using the guide below.

Download Windows 10 build 14393 64bits MUI

Windows 10 build 14393 64-bit MUI/LPs
ar-SADownload link
bg-BGDownload link
cs-CZDownload link
da-DKDownload link
de-DEDownload link
el-GRDownload link
en-GBDownload link
en-USDownload link
es-ESDownload link
es-MXDownload link
et-EEDownload link
fi-FIDownload link
fr-CADownload link
fr-FRDownload link
he-ILDownload link
hr-HRDownload link
hu-HUDownload link
it-ITDownload link
ja-JPDownload link
ko-KRDownload link
lt-LTDownload link
lv-LVDownload link
nb-NODownload link
nl-NLDownload link
pl-PLDownload link
pt-BRDownload link
pt-PTDownload link
ro-RODownload link
ru-RUDownload link
sk-SKDownload link
sl-SIDownload link
sr-Latn-RSDownload link
sv-SEDownload link
th-THDownload link
tr-TRDownload link
uk-UADownload link
zh-CNDownload link
zh-TWDownload link
af-ZADownload link
am-ETDownload link
as-INDownload link
az-Latn-AZDownload link
be-BYDownload link
bn-BDDownload link
bn-INDownload link
bs-Latn-BADownload link
ca-ESDownload link
ca-ES-valenciaDownload link
chr-CHER-USDownload link
cy-GBDownload link
eu-ESDownload link
fa-IRDownload link
fil-PHDownload link
ga-IEDownload link
gd-GBDownload link
gl-ESDownload link
gu-INDownload link
ha-Latn-NGDownload link
hi-INDownload link
hy-AMDownload link
id-IDDownload link
ig-NGDownload link
is-ISDownload link
ka-GEDownload link
kk-KZDownload link
km-KHDownload link
kn-INDownload link
kok-INDownload link
ku-Arab-IQDownload link
ky-KGDownload link
lb-LUDownload link
lo-LADownload link
mi-NZDownload link
mk-MKDownload link
ml-INDownload link
mn-MNDownload link
mr-INDownload link
ms-MYDownload link
mt-MTDownload link
ne-NPDownload link
nn-NODownload link
nso-ZADownload link
or-INDownload link
pa-Arab-PKDownload link
pa-INDownload link
prs-AFDownload link
quc-Latn-GTDownload link
quz-PEDownload link
rw-RWDownload link
sd-Arab-PKDownload link
si-LKDownload link
sq-ALDownload link
sr-Cyrl-BADownload link
sr-Cyrl-RSDownload link
sw-KEDownload link
ta-INDownload link
te-INDownload link
tg-Cyrl-TJDownload link
ti-ETDownload link
tk-TMDownload link
tn-ZADownload link
tt-RUDownload link
ug-CNDownload link
ur-PKDownload link
uz-Latn-UZDownload link
vi-VNDownload link
wo-SNDownload link
xh-ZADownload link
yo-NGDownload link
zu-ZADownload link