A look at Computer Security: How to secure your computer or smartphone in 2024?

A look at Computer Security: How to secure your computer or smartphone in 2024? CyberSecurity Software is a must for Cyber Security and Privacy of a business or individual. Many people wonder how to secure their computer tools so that they can use them with peace of mind without fearing this or that type of threat. Computer security is one of the main concerns of the technological world today. Every day passes new forms of attacks and vulnerabilities. The question that comes to mind is surely that of knowing how to proceed to have a computer system safe from danger and well protected.

Cybersecurity is the method that is used to protect the network, system, or applications from cyber-attacks. It is used to avoid unauthorized data access, cyber-attacks, and identity theft.

Security is too vast a subject, but in this article, we will try to show you the essentials to allow you to always be safe, which is impossible because a system has never been too secure, because if it were, your antivirus, whether paid or free, will not ask you for updates. Find the essentials in this article.

What is Computer Security?

Computer security is the set of physical and software means to protect a computer system. It is therefore the set of all that you must implement to have a system allowing you to always use your computer or any other device with ease and safe from any danger.

Types of security

In the field of computer security, two types are often classified:

physical security

The physical includes everything that is palpable, everything that is visible in the real world…

Nope ! this is a bad definition because even software is visible in the real world. To add something personal, I think the physique is anything that has mass so that you can touch a part of your body. Good! I do not count the very small things that are estimated in a few micro but know that it exists except that I prefer to ignore them.

This type includes all the techniques and methods to make more on your computer physically. For example for a computer network always use cables in very good condition. A good case for your external hard drive, an electrical fuse to protect your PC against electrical surges, and many other things.

Software security

Software is anything you can’t touch with your body that’s used on a computer system. It’s a definition coming from my imagination because I don’t know how to present software to you because you are probably using it at the very moment of reading this article.

Just like for physical security, this type includes all the methods allowing you to render on your computer, smartphone, or any other device at the software level. You run the risk of losing all your data or at least some of it if the attack doesn’t do too much damage.

Forms of attacks and definition of concepts

You wonder what I am talking about or at least what I will continue to talk about throughout this article. Have no fear, I’ll try to shed some light on what terms I would use.

What is a virus?

It is a self-replicating computer program intended to cripple system resources. In clear terms, it is a program that runs on your computer or smartphone with the aim of making it weak, therefore unable to produce or return your data when you need it.

Just like organic viruses, a computer virus is automatically duplicated and shared via several communication media such as USB keys, Ethernet cables, unsecured Wifi networks, etc.

Trojan horse

Are programs that at first glance may appear to be good or that have the objective of helping you but which in reality are there to harm your system or even make it non-operational?

These kinds of programs are often spread via the internet… Therefore, it is always good to be very careful with software download sites.

Spyware or spyware

As the name suggests, Spyware is software that is developed for spying purposes. We receive it more often by email…


It is any form of message that you receive that does nothing to disturb you and make you uncomfortable in using your device. This practice is too widespread in several electronic messaging services such as emails, forums, etc.


Backdoors are hidden access to a system or an application. The principle of a
backdoor is similar to that of the Trojan horse. Their objectives are to modify or use a
program to discreetly access a remote computer, modify the behaviour of a
program, become an administrator and several other purposes.

How to secure your computer or smartphone in 2024

The famous question purpose of our subject, we recommend the methods below to try to reduce the risks because above I specified that it is almost impossible to render completely on a system because there are always aspects over which we still have no control.

At the software level

This section groups together the set of security software that the team selects for you, more often are all-in-one software or for fans of French “all-in-one” because computer security software already includes all these software which are listed below:




Firewall or Firewall

A firewall ( firewalls ), tunnels and intrusion detection systems at host and/or network levels are essential tools to detect, ward off or avoid many attacks by blocking available ports and leaving open only those that are required by the user.

Know that a firewall is quite simply a software making it possible to protect your computer against the outside world. And so a firewall blocks any suspicious exchange with the outside.

At the practical level

  • Never give out your personal information on a site
  • Use a pseudonym for your personal security
  • Never use the same passwords for different accounts
  • Prefer browsing sites with an SSL certificate, i.e. “HTTPS://” because it is more secure
  • Make a periodic and regular backup of your data so as not to be surprised one day.
  • Prefer the use of secure WiFi and stop connecting to open networks that you will find in public places
  • Please use up-to-date applications
  • By emphasizing your security, regularly update your antivirus.


Computer security is one of the most essential computer topics because it is at the centre of many discussions. By using the right tools you can reduce the risk of being too vulnerable. Hopefully, this reading will allow you to see and use technology differently.

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