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Discover MTN Domain Name & Web Hosting services

The internet is a major means of communication nowadays. If you have a business and will like it to be known by many, setting up a business website for it should be a good call of action. As a result, MTN is there to give you a helping hand by offing an affordable way to get a good domain name and hosting plan for it. From this page, discover MTN Domain Name & Web Hosting services. These services are there to enables customers to get their business online.

As a business professional, you may not be aware of the fact that online presence is more than a port of call for contact details or frequently asked questions. A website for your business can support transactional capability, CRM opportunities and marketing campaigns.

MTN provides you with a shared or dedicated platform for high-speed access to your web content. And without compromising your leased-line bandwidth, they can also lower your costs with a pay-as-you-use model that comes with scalable bandwidth and aligns to cloud computing.

What MTN Domain Names has to offer

  • Allows customers to setup and register a domain name
  • Enables businesses to set up a website
  • Provides affordable and reliable hosting solutions tailored to small businesses

What MTN Web Hosting offers your business

  • Reliability over the MTN network and 24/7 technical support
  • Control of content and data for search engine optimisation
  • A registered domain name with dedicated email accounts
  • Creative freedom over the design and structure of your website
  • Space for archiving and dynamic bandwidth.
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MTN Web Hosting plans

Specifications Price (VAT Included)
Windows perso: Windows 2008 web Hosting, 10 Email Address, 100 GB Disk Space, 50 GB Data Transfer,
PHP 5.3.3, Asp2.0, MySQL, Free .cm Domain Name
20 900F
Windows Pro: Windows 2008 web Hosting, 250 GB Disk Space, 150 GB Data Transfer, Free .cm Domain Name,
100 Email Address, 2.0, PHP 5.3.3., MySQL
45 900F
Business Windows: Windows 2008 web Hosting, 1000 Email Address, 500 GB Disk Space, 300 GB Data Transfer,
MySQL, PHP5.3.3, 2.0, free .cm Domain Name
95 900F
Perso Linux: 100 GB Diskspace | – 50 GB Trafic | – Site Builder. |10 Email Address. | PHP 5.6.30 |
MySQL 5.5.48 | Domaine .cm gratuit
18 900F
Pro Linux: 250 GB Diskspace | – 150 GB Trafic | – Site Builder. | 100 Email Address |
Free .cm Domain Name | PHP 5.6.30, MySQL 5.5.48
40 900F
Business Linux: 500 GB Diskspace | – 300 GB Trafic | – Site Builder. | 1000 Email Adresses. |
PHP5.6.30 | Free .cm Domain Name | MySQL 5.5.48
90 900F
Web Presence: Restaurant, bar, church, hotel, medical office, pharmacy, SME Association …
Choose your site among 108 templates available.
45 000F

MTN Domain Name & Web Hosting services: Getting started

To get started with MTN Web Hosting service, all you need to do is visit this page.

Host with MTN

The minimum hosting plan MTN offers per year is worth 18, 900XAF. With this plan, you can get a free .cm domain name.

As for the different domain extensions, we have the .cm, .biz, .net, .com, .me, .mobi, .org, .tel, .tv, .name, etc.

If you are to create a website(which is a subdomain of the MTN Business website) it is free. You will only pay for the hosting plan.

Most of the other domain extensions will cost you 9, 900XAF/Yr. If you are not using Perso Linux which offers a .cm domain name for free, you will spend 7000XAF/Yr to get a .cm or domain name.

Bottom line.

The MTN Domain name and web hosting service is quite a good opportunity for a business owner to get his/her business online. Since the service is offered by MTN, you won’t have difficulties concerning the payment method. You can pay via MTN Mobile Money.


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