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Download FRP bypass 1.0 APK – Bypass FRP on any Android fast and easy

FRP bypassing can be done using FRP bypass tools and apps. Some Android devices are pretty complicated when it comes to bypassing Factory reset protection. But no matter how complicated a phone might be, once you succeed in getting into the web browser of your FRP-locked Android, bypassing the FRP lock becomes ABC.

One of the most popularly used FRP bypass APKs is FRP Bypass 1.0 APK. Download FRP Bypass 1.0 APK from the link below and use it to easily bypass FRP on your Android device.

The FRP bypass 1.0 APK bypasses Google account connection that will normally go through the Google Play Store app to the web browser. And after a successful connection, the account you entered is automatically added to your device and you won’t be asked again to enter the account that was first synced with it.

When bypassing FRP with this app, you may in some cases need to install the Menu Button APK (the three dots at the top of the FRP bypass app page isn’t always available for all devices).

What is FRP?

FRP as far as Android is concerned stands for Factory Reset Protection. This is a new security feature that was introduced when Google released the Android 5.0. And till date, all newer Android releases come with this security feature and it gets enhanced for every newer Android version.

FRP for Android devices is synonymous to iCloud protection. With this feature, once your Android device with a Google account is formated by a hard reset, you will need to provide the account detail before getting access to your device.

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This is no doubt a good initiative to prevent theft, but, it may occur that even the proper owner of a device gets to forget his or her Google account and pattern lock. And after performing a hard reset, he or she will need to bypass the FRP.

One can easily bypass FRP lock using FRP bypass Tool made especially for the particular device chipset. But most of these tools require a computer and for those without one, using an FRP bypass APK is the only alternative.

Download FRP Bypass 1.0 APK

FRP bypass 1.0 APK has been around for a very long time now and it’s the most used APK when it comes to FRP bypassing for Android 5.0+.

Note: Bypassing FRP with this app isn’t possible on Android 7.0.

Again, to use this app, you will, first of all, need to install the Google account manager APK for your Android version.

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