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Download these 3 paid iPhone apps for free now

Today again, we bring your information on iPhone app deals. The last roundup of paid iPhone apps gone free we shared was a couple of days back. For today, we have 3 paid iPhone apps for free. These apps have been made free by their developers. The apps will remain free only for a limited time.

Download these 3 paid iPhone apps for free now

As we said earlier above, the apps below we remain free only for a limited time. We do not know exactly how long these apps will continue to be free. MY VIP TUTO also keeps track of recent changes made by their developers and informs you.

Clock Yourself

Clock Yourself: 3 paid iPhone apps now for free
Clock Yourself

This is an app by Next Step Allied Health which gives your health tips to keep you up your feet.

($1.99) Get it free

AppStore description

Think faster on your feet

CLOCK YOURSELF = Physical exercise + cognitive exercise (simultaneously) x SPEED

When our balance fails us we need to react with a quick step in an unanticipated direction. This is as true for athletes as it is for the elderly.

Designed by an Australian physiotherapist and based on the best available evidence from the realms of cognitive science, sports science and falls prevention, CLOCK YOURSELF introduces physical exercises with cognitive exercises, simultaneously, to train psychomotor speed.

All five levels of CLOCK YOURSELF activities are based around an imaginary clock face beneath your feet, so you have 12 intuitive co-ordinates/reference points to step to without needing to wire up mats or sensors.

To set up all you need is about 2m x 2m of space and a smartphone or tablet with functioning audio.

To Clock Yourself means to “clock” your own brain. It guides you to reach your fullest potential in each activity, in a measurable way so that you notice the improvements in your cognitive processing speed and reaction times.


  1. Bronze
  2. Silver
  3. Gold
  4. Platinum
  5. Cardio


  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Japanese
  • Mandarin
  • Spanish

Workout smarter.

Increase the pace to challenge yourself.

Progress to the next level to Clock Yourself.

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Killer Stickers • Series 1

Killer Stickers • Series 1
Killer Stickers • Series 1

An app with cool stickers by Alan Valek which allows you to send terrifying stickers to your friends.

($0.99) Get it free

App store description

Terrify your messages with Killer Stickers!

This bloody horrifying pack includes 31 total stickers!

Series 1 includes:


Bonus! Re-Animated Stickers!


1. Dream Killer

2. Pissed Ginger

3. Swamp Thing

4. Braaains!

5. Ground Breaker

6. Fresh Kill: Chainsaw

7. Lamb Chop

8. Ima Frade

9. Gameplay

10. Fresh Kill: Hatchet

11. Slapshot

12. Twelve

13. Eyeball In My Martini

14. Trick-or-Treat

15. Witches’ Brew

16. Fresh Kill: Baseball Bat


Also includes:


17. Vampire


18. Hank

19. Hank’s Bride

20. Witch

21. Beep, Beep!

22. It’s Showtime!

23. Ghost Face

24. Squash King

25. The Butcher

26. Wolfman

27. Mummy

28. Play Pin

29. Boogeyman

30. Scarecrow

31. Chiller

7 Minute Workout: Lose Weight

7 Minute Workout: Lose Weight
7 Minute Workout: Lose Weight

Healthy Heart: Fit In 30 Days. This app is developed by Tural Jabrayilov and has in-app purchases. So, even though you may download for free, certain features in the app will be paid.


($2.99) Get it free

App Store Description

Based on scientific research, the “7 Minute Workout” is a quick, simple and effective way to get in shape and stay in shape. Created for people with busy lives, the routine is designed by scientists to give you all the benefits of much longer workouts in just a little over 7 minutes. Researchers have selected 12 exercises that are performed for 30 seconds with 10-second rest intervals. This high-intensity training with little rest results in higher daily metabolism and is the equivalent of working out for over an hour – for only slightly longer than 7 minutes.

This app takes this research-proven workout and guides you through the process. Besides the classic “7 Minute Workout” pack there are 3 modifications of this workout in this app: “Light Pack”, “Hard Pack” and “Superman Pack”. While changing workout routine helps to stimulate your body and keep exercising interest we have included those 3 packs that follow the same principles as the original. You can unlock them either by making a purchase, or get it for free by earning achievements.

Key features:

35 exercises for every level with video and audio guidance

View current exercise, time remaining and next exercise

Detailed text and 3D animated video guide for each exercise

Track your progress with a weight monitor tool

Activity tracking calendar

Workout reminder

Achievements list

Share your workouts

HealthKit integration

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