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[October] 100% Working HQ Multifunctional BIN 2020

Hello guys, we have in store for you fresh working HQ multifunctional BIN 2020. We also have a collection of other working multifunctional BIN you can check out from here.

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To use BIN and generate live CC, you will need to be versed with carding. And note that generated CC which isn’t live won’t work. Also, you will need to have a strong VPN like ExpressVPN, Nord VPN, etc. Continue reading this post to learn more, get your Multifunction BIN and use it to get premium subscriptions for free.

HQ Multifunctional BIN

And HQ Multifunctional BIN is another type of Multifunctional BIN that allows you to genenerate working CC that works on many different sites. And also, you can use these generated Credit Cards if live to subscribe to trials and premium features for free.

Using BIN to generate working CC

Once you have a working BIN, to use it, you will need to generate working CCs. To do that follow the steps below;

Step 1: Head to NamsoGen website using your web browser, copy BIN code from here and paste to the space reserved for BIN. Depending on the information about the BIN, choose if CCV is random or enter the provided CCV as well as the date. Also, choose the numbers of CC to generate and hid the generate button.

HQ Multifunctional BIN: Generating working CC

Step 2: After you click or tap on the “Generate” Button, you will then see some CC generated. The number will be dependent on what you enter under “Quantity” and will be generated in format;


That’s Credit card number|Expiring date|CCV

HQ Multifunctional BIN: Generating working CC 2

Steps 3: Copy generated cards and sort out the live ones. To do so, head to this website >> and paste the click on “START”.

HQ Multifunctional BIN: Generating working CC step 3

Step4: It will check all CCs and group into “Unknown”, “Die” OR “Live”. Copy the “live” ones and save somewhere.

Generating working CC STEP 4

Once you have your live credit cards, you are now ready to go.

Using the Live CC on recommended sites


  • A good internet connection
  • A strong VPN (Vyprvpn, HMA VPN Pro, Express VPN, AVG VPN Premium, Avira VPN Pro). We recommend using Express VPN.
  • A Live TempMail portal(
  • Good internet browser. If you are on mobile, we recommend Firefox focus.

Using live cc

  • Connect to your VPN(strong VPN)
  • Launch web browser
  • Visit the site on which the BIN which you used to generate Live CC works on.
  • Enter CC details as the payment method
  • For email, use Temp-mail(Link above) and use for names since you do not want to use your real name.

Reasons why you may want to use BIN

There are many different methods of payments out there being used on different websites that accept online payment. But not everyone is able to afford these payment methods. Also, it may be for just a purpose of security. That’s you are not confident enough about a site and won’t want to use your real card and bank details on it.

Also, those who may want to give a service a try(works for services with a trial period) to see if it is worth paying for can make use of BIN get generate VCC and use for the trail, and if the service is considered trustworthy, they can now purchase with the real card.

100% working HQ Multifunctional BIN 2020

Note: Before you head on using this guide, not that this guide is for educational purposes and shouldn’t be used for any illegal activities!

Recommended BIN

💳 Multifunctional BinIP(country)Date/CVVZipTested on:
🔰Globopay +Telecine
🔰Sex Hot
🔰Play Plus
🔰Play Store
🔰Amazon Prime video
🔰Start Play
🔰Hbo Go
🔰Facebook Ads
537027xxxxxxxxxxUSAGenerateN/A✔️Amazon prime
✔️Namecheap vpn
✔️PicsArt gold
✔️LinkedIn learning
✔️Dc universe
✔️ Marvel unlimited
✔️ codeacdemy (ip:-india)

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