Netflix Tagger: Earn money watching Netflix Movies and TV shows

Dreamt of watching all these top TV shows and movies to earn a living? Then you can earn money watching Netflix movies and TV shows as Netflix Tagger. Surprise? this is actually a legitimate way o making money out of Netflix and here we will be telling how.

Netflix usually pays experience people to watch their TV shows and movies and “tag” them into different categories. Netflix Taggers (formerly known as editorial analysts), watch Netflix shows, movies, and specials in order to tag each with relevant metadata. Those tags make it easier for you to search for things to watch based on categories you like or things you’ve already seen.


This kind of a job will be perfect for someone who has passion for curating contents and grouping them to make them look good.

What is a Netflix tagger?

As we’ve mentioned earlier, he or she is someone whose job is to watch Netflix content and “tag” each film and episode with relevant metadata.

The metadata include information like the release date, language, genre, cast, crew members, and types of profanity and violence depicted in the movie or show etc. 

It should be noted that this job is for experienced people and not something to joke about.

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How to become a Netflix Tagger?

To Earn money watching Netflix, you will have to become a Netflix Tagger or Metadata analyst. Now the big question is how to become one or who can become one?

To be eligible for this Netflix tagging job, you will need to have deep knowledge of the film and/or television industry.

Also, you should have at least five-plus years of experience, and education in the film and/or television industry.

You should have a knack for distinguishing the nuances within different types of content and be able to share your findings in a concise way.

Another key point is to be good in different languages other than English.

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