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New HTTP Injector free internet trick 2024 – HTTP Injector EHI files for free internet 2024

New HTTP Injector free internet trick 2024 – HTTP Injector EHI files for free internet 2024. 2024 is just starting and we bet you are still looking for a working free internet trick to get access to the internet at a little or no cost.

Hopefully, here at, we strive to provide you with the best free internet gist to help you get connected with your friends, loved ones and family members.

This time around, we will be discussing free internet with HTTP injector VPN for mobile. And for the purpose of simplicity and easy things, we have compiled a collection of HTTP Injector EHI config files for free internet.

When it comes to VPNs for free internet, HTTP Injector has always been one of the best as it is very easy to use and doesn’t affect your connection speed.

HTTP Injector

Below, we’ll explain the different steps you can take to properly configure HTTP Injector to get free internet access for your network, regardless of its restriction. 

But before that, an explanation of most of the terms used such as HTTP, SNI (SSL / TLS), Server, Host, SSH, V2Ray, Shadowsocks etc would be helpful.

Understanding these terms will help you understand HTTP Injector and how you can easily use it. But before we know how to get free internet access, it would be good if we knew what free internet really is and how it works.

What is free internet and how does it work?

When we speak of free Internet, we mean the art of surfing the Internet without an internet package or credit.

People may also consider using the internet from public WiFi in metropolitan areas to be free, as it is generally available to the general public.

But here we are referring to your internet access using your local internet service provider without having to spend a dime.

This is usually done through the use of certain VPN proxies or apps/software to unlock restrictions.

 These tools are sophisticated for this task, especially VPN apps like HTTP Injector, HA Tunnel Plus, which are known to hijack a connection freely accessible through a SIM network and then break it on an entire device through a secure and encrypted tunnel created. by these applications.

In most cases, even if we are talking about free internet, you will still have to spend a little to have unlimited access to the internet. This is particularly the case when using certain Internet packages such as Internet packages giving access only to social networks (WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, etc.).

Free VPN and Internet on Android

Before discussing the New HTTP Injector free internet trick 2024, let us, first of all, try to understand what a VPN is and how it works for free internet. Each VPN works on the same basis being careful that they have the same connection modes. However, each VPN may differ in terms of the security of their servers and there are some VPNs that invest a lot in their server that they will have to collect a little from their users by showing video ads (HA Tunnel Plus, HTTP Injector, TLS Tunnel ) or by asking their users to subscribe to access their servers (HTTP Injector)

To get free internet access using a VPN, you first need to know the right VPN that supports the specific tunnelling mode you need to use, be it SSH. , DNS, Shadowsocsk, V2Ray, etc.

What is SSH and how does it work?

Secure Shell or Secure Socket Shell or SSH is a remote or networked administration and communication tool that allows 2 computers (Server and Client) to communicate in complete security.

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In recent years when programs like Telnet, Remote Connection, and Remote Shell were running, there seemed to be bridges across every connection made on those shells, then came SSH which firmly took hold. replaced that unsecured terminal emulation or login programs. 

SSH also replaces file transfer programs, such as File Transfer Protocol (FTP) and RCP (remote copy).

The most important use of an SSH is to connect to a remote server in a terminal session. Just like you request SSH connections in the HTTP Injector app by providing a valid SSH connection and this connection will be used by the app to give you access to the secure connection from the server and hence make you virtually untraceable by your ISP.

So to use an SSH connection, which is really secure, you will need an SSH account on the server where you want to run your connection. Hope you understand the point here.

SSH can work in direct connection by generating a payload (like what is seen in the HTTP injection application) which will require an HTTP bug host or by using a stunnel (TLS / SSL) which will require on an SNI host and in most cases an HTTP Proxy where we will need a valid proxy with the server, username and password for authentication.

It should therefore no longer be confused with HTTP, stunnel and Direct SSH because they all fall under one main category, SSH.


Shadowsocks is a free and open-source encryption protocol project.

Shadowsocks is not a proxy per se, but (usually) is the client software to connect to a third party SOCKS5 proxy, similar to a Secure Shell (SSH) tunnel. 

Once connected in this mode, all Internet traffic generated by this mode can then be directed or tunneled through a proxy and thus allow a secure connection.

 DNS and how does it work?

The internet requires a system like DNS to convert every friendly address like in its DNS or dedicated IP address. When we refer to a website or its web address, our Internet service provider converts that web address to DNS for the Internet in order to provide us with the specific website using its DNS address.

DNS or Dnsurgent is used in HTTP Injector in cases where we want an urgent connection and when you have tried different ways of using the app. However, you will need to provide a DNS address usually in four (4) sections separated by a period (.). This can be a very efficient way to log in in some cases.

What is V2Ray and how does it work?

V2Ray is a platform or framework that allows you to run one or more proxies, with various layered proxy protocols, transports, and obfuscation. For example, you can run SOCKS-in-TLS on one port and VMess-in-QUIC (with any QUIC packets possibly hidden) on another port.

So V2Ray works by allowing you to run multiple projects in different sections (ports) of a server. It is definitely not a recommended option when you want to use it for a free internet connection due to multiple connection redirects which can cause the internet connection to slow down.

We now know the most sceptical types of tunnels used in the HTTP Injector app and now I think so far you have a basic understanding of these features explained above and now we can move on to creating the HTTP Injector file.

New HTTP Injector free internet trick 2024 requirements

Now, what is required to start enjoying free internet this 2024? Check below and make show you meet all requirements first before continuing.

Note that you will need to download the config giles for your Netowrk only. We have provided config files for different countries and networks below.

New HTTP Injector free internet trick 2024 – Download HTTP Injector EHI files for free internet 2024

Download the New HTTP Injector free internet trick 2024 config file for your network and umport. After importing, connect and enjoy.

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