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WhatsApp will again stop working on some Android devices

WhatsApp will again stop working on some Android devices. And for those using these Android devices, they will only be able to continue using their version of WhatsApp already installed for a short period of time.

We all remember when WhatsApp announced it will stop supporting Android 2.3.7 devices and all other older versions last year February 2020. As tech keeps improving, developers will target newer OS versions when building their apps.

When will this be?

According to WhatsApp, before the end of this year 2021, that’s on November 1, 2021. So, for those who have unsupported devices, make sure to update your WhatsApp version by the end of the month of October to get the chance of using it for maybe 6 months.

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Which Android devices are concerned?

Oh, we’ve been talking about how WhatsApp will again stop working on some Android devices. Now which devices are concerned? 

This will affect all Android devices running OS 4.0.4 and older. You will then have to switch to a compatible device if you wish to continue using WhatsApp.



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