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Alert: A new method of hacking WhatsApp account 2024, this is how scammers operate

Alert: A new method of hacking WhatsApp account 2024, this is how scammers operate. We live in an economy where others take pleasure in harming others. This can be observed in many daily activities as well as on social media.

Scammers have found a new method to hack the WhatsApp accounts of peaceful citizens. No one is immune to these malicious facts that are growing day by day.

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WhatsApp is the most widely used social app being used by people around the world to communicate, or as the younger generation likes to call it, ‘chat’ with their colleagues, family, and friends. It is a convenient way to communicate with one or a group of people simultaneously without worrying about carrier charges.

For the past few days, the WhatsApp account hacking method has been claiming victims. The hacker contacts you with a message like: 

“Hi how are you, sorry, I texted you a 6-digit code by mistake. Can you send it to me? It’s urgent please”.

“By the way, he is setting up WhatsApp with your number. If you send him the code, he completes the process and takes control of your WhatsApp account. It will surely use WhatsApp’s two-factor authentication to prevent you from quickly recovering your WhatsApp account. Until you can recover your WhatsApp account, the hacker can use your WhatsApp number to scam your contacts. Attention ! “,

explains Martin K. Amenouglo Founder and CEO of Domina Digitalis, himself having experienced the phenomenon.

“Already in the hacker’s message, there are two things to notice

  • 1-an absurdity: if he was the one who sent you the code, it means that he already has the code, no need to ask you for it
  • 2- an emergency context: it tells you that it is urgent to prevent you from thinking enough”, he analyzes.

“The number with which the hacker writes to you is not necessarily his number: it could be a hacked WhatsApp account. Even if it’s your mom’s number, it doesn’t matter. If your WhatsApp account has been hacked, report it to the police so you don’t have any worries if your number is used to scam people, it’s very important,” he advises.

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