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ChatGPT now has the option to turn off your chat history!

Earlier this week, OpenAI made an announcement regarding its widely popular ChatGPT platform. The company has introduced a new feature that allows users to turn off their chat history. With this change, users can selectively choose which conversations will be utilized to train the platform’s models. This gives users greater control over the data that is used to train OpenAI’s models. Conversely, chat histories can still be accessed through the “history” sidebar. OpenAI has also mentioned that new conversations with the chatbot will be stored for 30 days.

OpenAI also clarified that it will only review chat histories when necessary to monitor for abuse before permanently deleting them. According to the company, this feature offers a more convenient way to manage user data compared to their previous opt-out process. Additionally, OpenAI plans to launch a new ChatGPT Business subscription aimed at professionals and enterprises that require greater control over their data.

Moreover, OpenAI will introduce a new Export option in the settings to enable users to conveniently export their data from ChatGPT. This feature will allow users to receive a file via email that contains their conversations and other important data.

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