These 6 Telegram improvements make it to dethrone WhatsApp!

Telegram hasn’t been around for as long as WhatsApp but these 6 Telegram improvements make it to dethrone WhatsApp! Wondering which improvements we are talking about here? Keep reading till the end.

The famous instant messaging application is overtaken by the improvements presented by the competition in several of its most important areas.

Despite the fact that WhatsApp is one of the most used social networks by users around the world, it has come out on top of the competition. We are talking about  Telegram which presents some tricks that go far beyond the techniques presented by the green logo social network. Being even superior, those we find for premium users.

Among the most important tricks that we cannot ignore in Telegram, we find the possibility of dividing chats into different folders.

It helps to identify chats more easily because in folders you can enter whatever name you want. You just need to enter the adjustment and give the folders option to create the ones you need.

Fixing important messages as a point of differentiation from Telegram

Another of the characteristic tricks of Telegram that surpasses the functions presented by WhatsApp is the possibility of correcting a message. So far, WhatsApp users have only been able to enjoy the preferred option for messages.

With the Telegram technique, you can correct the message at the beginning of the conversation.

As a plus point for Telegram, they also give you the option of having more than one different phone number, without the need for the respective SIM card.

To do this, you just need to go to the TON blockchain network page, where you can get an infinite number of different numbers, each belonging to a different Nfts.

Option to remove all duplicates from chats using Telegram

In the same way, we also find another point of differentiation between Telegram and the giant WhatsApp.

And it gives us the ability to remove all duplicates from a chat, which ends up filling up a lot of our storage. If the user wishes, he can block all captures, shares and double copies that are in the chat.

As a last point to take into account, it will also allow us to analyze our channels.

That is, it shows us a summary of the growth the channel has had, the interactions it has had, and statistics about our users, in terms of gender, location, and even age. A perfect tool for business.

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