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Download FmWhatsApp APK Latest Version Mar 2022

Download FmWhatsApp APKLatest Version Mar 2022 with anti-ban from the link below. With This WhatsApp Mod, you will be able to bypass and unlock more features for WhatsApp.

With WhatsApp being the world’s most used messaging app, it is no doubt more than 90% of smartphone owners have it installed. But with WhatsApp’s official version, you cannot use more than one account on the same phone. Hopefully, there are many WhatsApp MODs out there ⁠— FmWhatsApp happens to be one. Download the latest version from this page and use multiple WhatsApp on your smartphone.

FmWhatsApp (FM Wa): What is this?

FM Whatsapp by Fouad mods is a modified and enhanced version of WhatsApp. As a MOD, what makes it interesting are the features it comes with. Even though there are some bugs, the developer keeps providing improvements regularly.

Contrary to the official app, FMWhatsApp comes with unlocked features and more security features which we are going to list below. Not only does it have more features, but the design is also completely different from that of WhatsApp.

Furthermore, it offers users the possibility to customise the look and feel. You choose how you would like your FMWhatsApp UI to look like!

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FMWhatsApp Latest Version Mar 2022, all features

Since WhatsApp Mods come with more exciting features coupled with unlocked restriction, Android users tend to prefer them over the official version. Discover all the awesome features FMWhatsApp has to offer. Grab the app from the download section below and enjoy!


Fouad Mokdad constantly updates the FMWhatsapp according to the Official Version. That gives users to get all the latest features of the official app while they also benefit from the modded features which are unique to it.

However, you can easily find the new update by going through the settings. Menu >> Fouad Settings >> Updates >> Web Download.

Privacy features:

All awesome privacy features of FMWhatsApp can be found here: Menu >> Fouad Settings >> Privacy >> Choose
Common privacy features include;

  • Freeze Last Seen – this can help you to use WhatsApp anonymously because everyone sees your last seen not the present one.
  • Anti Delete Messages – The sender can not delete the messages
  • Hide View Status – FMWhatsapp hides your view of others’ status.
  • Who can call me? – Yes, you heard it right. this could help you to choose the categories like
    • Everyone
    • My Contacts
    • My Contacts except for Person 
    • Select contacts
  • Show Blue Ticks after your reply.
  • Hide Blue Ticks
  • Option to hide Second Tick
  • Possibility to hide Blue Microphone
  • Hide Typing…
  • Hide Recording

Emoji variants

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All awesome emoji variants can be modified here: Menu >> Fouad Settings >> Universal >> Mods >> Emoji Variant

Companies like Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Apple and Google are providing different emoji variants. People may stick to one of them according to their taste. Here, FMWhatsApp APK comes with the Emoji selector.
So, you can be easily able to select which do you prefer most. Emoji variants in FMWhatsApp include;

  • Stock
  • Facebook
  • Emoji one v3
  • Android O
  • Old Stock Emoji Design



You can change the colour of

  • Background
  • Status bar
  • Navigation Bar
  • Universal Action Bar text
  • Universal Color

Under the styles, you would find some interesting things

  • Font Style
  • dark UI
  • Change Notification Icon

The above are just a handful of the features you will find on FMWhatsApp. To discover more, grab the app from below and install it on your Android.

Download FmWhatsApp Latest Version Mar 2022 [anti-ban]

Download the latest version from the link below.

Frequently asked questions

Is FMWhatsApp Safe?

If you have never used FMWhatsApp before, it is normal to be sceptical. But, rest assured, it is safe. So far, we haven’t heard of any downsides.

Will I have to uninstall the official WhatsApp before installing this app?

This WhatsApp mod comes with a different package name. So, there will be no need to uninstall WhatsApp in order to use it.

From where can I update FMWhatsApp?

You can get all updates from our website. However, you can easily find the new update by going through the settings. Menu >> Fouad Settings >> Updates >> Web Download.

Will I get ban for using this version of WhatsApp?

No, the ant-ban features prevent you from getting a ban.

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