Free Netflix 2023: How To Watch Series For Free

Free Netflix 2023: How To Watch Series For Free. With Netflix being the World’s top subscription-based streaming platform, many are captivated by the extensive assortment of documentaries, TV shows, cartoons, and movies.

Those who can’t afford to purchase a subscription, keep looking for possible ways to watch Netflix for free. There are several methods to enjoy Netflix without paying. Follow the leader! We explain how to get a Netflix code and simply enjoy free streaming movies and series.

What is Netflix?

Netflix, Inc. is an American over-the-top content platform and production company headquartered in Los Gatos, California. Netflix was founded in 1997 by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph in Scotts Valley, California. The company’s primary business is a subscription-based streaming service offering online streaming from a library of films and television series, including those produced in-house.

This top-rated streaming platform has different plans ranging from Basic to Premium. The premium plans are the most expensive and give you access to the best video quality(4K) and you can stream simultaneously on 4 different streams.

Netflix plans and pricing are as follows:


Tips for getting a free Netflix account in 2023

Netflix is ​​a streaming site allowing you to watch series and watch films and other programs via devices connected to the Internet (smartphones, tablets, computers, television, etc.). You can watch whatever you want, whenever you want, without advertising and thanks to a particularly attractive monthly rate.

Netflix offers different subscriptions :

  • 11.99 euros per month for a standard subscription
  • 15.99 euros monthly for a Premium account.

By opting for a Premium account, you benefit from a catalogue of programs in ultra-high definition, but also from simultaneous broadcasting on four screens! If Netflix is ​​not a free streaming service, there are some tricks to enjoy streaming movies without paying. 

Get a Netflix code without paying

To enjoy Netflix accounts without paying, there are some tricks you can resort to. For example, you can get a Netflix code.

Each user has a code allowing him to connect to the site from the device of his choice. Clearly, it is a password associated with each subscriber. To take advantage of a free Netflix account, you can therefore request one from someone you know who is a subscriber to the streaming platform.

The streaming site cannot of course verify if you are indeed the user in question, it is based solely on the code to grant access to its catalogue. If you want to have a Netflix account without spending any money, getting an access code is therefore a solution to consider. You still need to know a Netflix subscriber likely to give you access.

You should also know that there are lists of codes allowing you to have Netflix without paying. These are identifiers and passwords circulating on the Internet, but which are often not reliable. Indeed, many Internet users try to use them and Netflix does not take long to discover the deception! Internet users who also tried to obtain a free account by subscribing for only one month.

How To Watch Series For Free for a month

Another solution existed without the price that goes with it! Seeing a free Netflix series or movie was also possible by subscribing for a month. The Netflix subscription was free for the first month.

All you had to do was register on the streaming site, enter a means of payment and take advantage of the first month for free. Unfortunately, it seems that this promo is no longer possible. The service has terminated this offer. Having Netflix free for a month led to a lot of abuse.

Internet users were many to subscribe to a Netflix subscription for the sole purpose of having free access to the catalogue of the platform. These users were careful to unsubscribe at the end of the first month, so as not to pay Netflix. As this solution is no longer possible, some Internet users are now turning to Netflix account generators. Is it a good idea?

Use account generators

On the Internet, it is possible to find free Netflix account generators. These are programs that “hack” existing accounts to recover Netflix identifiers and codes.

If this solution to obtain an account may seem tempting, we do not recommend it. Because, the generator of free Netflix accounts, in addition to hijacking the terms of use of the service of films and series, is not reliable.

Watch for free thanks to the solution offered by the streaming platform

Netflix code

The streaming giant offered its solution to have a free account. To watch free online movies without an account, you had to go to: Unfortunately, it seems that Netflix no longer provides access to this page.

Thanks to this solution, you could have Netflix on Android (if you want to watch programs on your smartphone), but also on iOS. This solution for watching films and series without paying was also accessible from your computer and your televisions connected to the Internet.

Even if watching Netflix was free with this solution, the TV series offer was not available in its entirety. Watching Netflix without spending money is not without certain constraints. The streaming site offers free access to a selection of films, series and programs, but not all of its offers. In order to attract new customers.

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