MTN free internet with http injector
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New MTN Free internet with HTTP Injector

MTN free internet has been around for a while now and many MTN users are enjoying it. We shared the free MTN internet trick on one of our blogs and here again, we have a new trick for those who prefer using HTTP Proxy Injector app. Follow the steps below to set up this new MTN free internet with HTTP Injector. This new MTN free internet trick won’t require you subscribe to any special bundle!

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Who this new MTN free internet with HTTP Injector is for

This free internet cheat is for MTN Cameroon users. So, if you are not from Cameroon, you won’t be able to use this free internet.

MTN Free internet requirements

  • HTTP Proxy Injector.
  • An Android device
  • An MTN SIM card with zero credit and internet bundle.
  • HTTP Injector config file.

Note: This free internet trick works only for HTTP Injector mobile version. And the config below was created with HTTP Injector 5.0.9.

How to configure

You won’t be doing anything special for we’ve set everything up for you. All you have to do is simply download and import the config file from below.

Importing the config file

  • Download and install HTTP Proxy Injector for Android.
  • After installing the HTTP Proxy Injector app, launch and click on the “three dots” at the top-right corner and select “config” >> “import config“.
MTN free internet with http injector
  • Authorise HTTP Injector access to file manager if you are using for the first time and navigate to where you saved the config file you will download from below. In our case, the config file is in the “HTTP Injector” folder. Locate config file and import then click the “Start button”. It will take a couple of seconds to connect.
  • Enjoy fast free internet with MTN Cameroon.

Download config file

The download link for the MTN free internet config file can be found below. Download it and import.

Note: New config available in our Telegram Group Request new config from there if the one here isn’t working.


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