How to get a data bonus when you purchase an MTN data bundle.

Everyone loves to be connected to the internet. Since thanks to it, they can communicate with family members and friends from around them and abroad as well.

But what usually poses a major problem is how to get sufficient data connection to stay connected.

If you are here, then you surely will like to get a bonus when you purchase an MTN data bundle. This offer by MTN Cameroon is valid for all SIM cards.

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Well, although all sim cards can benefit from this extra bonus, there is even more. With the method we will explain below, new users can get an extra one-time free 1GB or 500Mb of connection.

Does this work for all MTN ISPs?

MTN Cameroon users will get extra data added to the normal data volume they are supposed to receive for a given data bundle. We haven’t confirmed for sure if it is valid for other MTN ISPs around the world.

As for the 1G or 500Mb data connection, MTN Cameroon users will get an instant 1GB data valid for 24 hours. But if you are using MTN Nigeria, you will get 500Mb data which you can accumulate to even 30GB!

How to get MTN 500Mb cumulative bonus or 1G one-time data bonus

In order to get this offer with your MTN Sim card, you will have to download and install the myMTN App from the Google Play store.

Developer: MTN
Price: Free

Once you’ve installed the MyMTN App, head-on and register with your SIM card. Follow the simple steps below;

  • Launch the app after installing
  • Choose your country(Cameroon, Nigeria, etc.)
  • Create a new account by providing your name and a new password. Note that this offer is only for those who haven’t registered with the MyMTN app before.
  • Once you create your account, an OTP will ben sent via SMS. Use the code to confirm your account and get instant 1GB data connection for free if you are from Cameroon. You will have to claim your 500Mb free connection from the main home of your MyMTN account for MTN Nigeria users.

Here is how to get more than 500MB valid for 24Hrs if you are an MTN Nigeria user:

  1. On the main page of the MTN app, Click on the activate bonus button and click the back/return button immediately.
  2. Repeat the above step continuously till you’re tired of accumulating the bonus.
  3. Also, you can get more by referring friends to download and register with the MyMTN App. Each person you invite will get the 500Mb while you get 200Mb. So, using this method, you can as well get even up to 30GB for free.
Get data bonus when you purchase an MTN data bundle:

How to get a data bonus when you purchase an MTN data bundle.

Developer: MTN
Price: Free

This offer is only available if you purchase the internet bundle via the MyMTN App. So, MTN Cameroon users can get additional data for any data bundle they purchase. You simply need to login to your MyMTN account when subscribing to a data bundle. And with the app, new users will get an instant 1GB free connection valid for 24 hours.

The extra data(bonus) is not valid for internet bundles like MTN Wanda Net. That’s it is valid only for the normal data bundle which you can subscribe to using the USSD code *157#. Below are the different bonuses available.

Bonus for purchasing a daily data bundle using the MyMTN App

Using the MyMTN App, you will get 50% data bonus for any data bundle you purchase. Check below to see available bonuses.

Daily BundleVolumeBonus
Mobile Surf Day 45(45CFA Frs)10MB5MB
Mobile Surf Day 50(50CFA Frs)50MB25MB
Mobile Surf Day 100(100CFA Frs)100MB50MB
Mobile Surf Day 250(250CFA Frs)250MB125MB
Mobile SurfDay 500(500CFA Frs)600MB300MB
Mobile Surf Day 1000(1000CFA Frs)2GB1GB

Bonus for purchasing a weekly data bundle using the MyMTN App

Weekly BundleVolumeBonus
Mobile Surf Week 180(180CFA Frs)5MB25MB
Mobile Surf Week 700(700CFA Frs)200MB100MB
Mobile Surf Week 1000(1000CFA Frs)750MB375MB

Monthly bonuses

Monthly BundleVolumeBonus
Mobile Surf Month 850(850CFA Frs)250MB5MB
Mobile Surf Month 2000(2000CFA Frs)1.2GB614.4MB
Mobile Surf Month 4000(400CFA Frs)3GB1GB


So, by making use of the MyMTN App, MTN users can get additional data for every data bundle they purchase. And in addition to that, new users will get a free 50Mb or 1G data connection to use.

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