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WhatsApp is reportedly adding an edit button option

WhatsApp is reportedly adding the edit button feature to its beta version, allowing users to edit sent messages in groups and chats. This feature lets users fix typos and errors in their messages. Currently, it is being tested by a limited number of beta users to identify and refine any issues.

The release timeline for the WhatsApp edit button option for all WhatsApp users is currently unknown. However, WhatsApp is likely to make further refinements to the feature based on feedback from beta testers before rolling it out to its 2 billion users worldwide.

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WhatsApp dit button option
WhatsApp dit button option

The edit button is expected to appear in the three-dot menu on the top right corner of the screen when a message is selected. Users can easily modify their sent messages, improving clarity and reducing misunderstandings.

However, unlike Telegram, WhatsApp imposes some restrictions on the edit feature. For example, messages can only be edited within 15 minutes of being sent, preventing significant changes long after a conversation. There is currently no limit on how many times a message can be edited within the specified time frame.


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