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YouTube, Gmail, Blogger and other Google services back after an outage

YouTube, Gmail, Blogger and other Google services back after a MAJOR outage for about an hour time or so.

This is really bad to see the services of one of the biggest Tech giants Google go down. By the time of writing this article, Google was down. Google services like YouTube, Gmail, Blogger and many others couldn’t be accessed;

After experincing this problem while doing some work on one of our Blogs on Blogger, we though it was just a minor issue. But even after clearing browser data, nothing changed. Using a different computer yeild same results.

Our test on other Bllogger sites was same. So, we went ahead and tested YouTube and oops! Error.

Gmail too doesn’t work as well as many other Google services.

This downtime or outage will be a really big blow for Google and its customers. We for example with our blogs on Blogger will suffer from loss of traffic.

This seems to be a worldwide issue as we spotted on a tweet from @MattNavarra

But after about an hour time of outage, Google services are back and running. We tested YouTube, Blogger, Gmail and everything seemed ok.

This could have been a really sad situation for many businesses who depend solely on Google services.

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