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Good news for creators: YouTube shorts can now be monetised

Good news for creators: YouTube shorts can now be monetised. In an attempt to compete with  TikTok, YouTube launched a little over two years ago  YouTube Shorts, short vertical videos that have for some time achieved remarkable popularity on the platform for.

However, despite its success, short film creators lack the ability to monetize their content. Something that is about to change, as they recently announced from the company.

Specifically, members of the  YouTube Partner Program will be able to start monetizing their short films from February 1, 2024.

Although, for this to be possible, the platform had to update its terms and conditions.

In this way, all YouTube partners must read and accept these new clauses before July 10, 2024. If they don’t, they will be banned from the partner program.

The new terms and conditions presented by YouTube are non-binding, i.e. everything remains as is. They’ve just been updated so creators can start monetizing their shorts.

Also, from the platform, they said that these changes open the door to new monetization opportunities that will arrive in the future. What is it about? We’ll have to wait to check.

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