Send Money Anonymously on PayPal: How to Keep Your Identity Safe When Sending Money on PayPal

Can one send money anonymously on PayPal? How to Keep Your Identity Safe When Sending Money on PayPal? Are you asking yourself these questions? Then this article is just what you need to get all the answers.

PayPal is a great way to send money quickly and easily, but if you’re not careful, your personal information can be compromised. In this article, we’ll show you how to send money anonymously on PayPal, keeping your identity and personal information safe and secure.

About PayPal

PayPal Holdings, Inc. is an American multinational financial technology company operating an online payments system in the majority of countries that supports online money transfers and serves as an electronic alternative to traditional paper methods such as checks and money orders.

Founded in December 1998, it gives you a quick and easy way to pay and get paid online. The service allows anyone to pay in any way they prefer, including through credit cards, bank accounts, PayPal Smart Connect, or account balances, without sharing financial information.

PayPal has quickly become a global leader in online payment solutions with more than 325 million accounts worldwide. Available in 202 countries and 25 currencies around the world, PayPal enables global eCommerce by making payments possible across different locations, currencies, and languages.

PayPal has received more than 20 awards for excellence from the internet industry and the business community -most recently the 2006 Webby Award for Best Financial Services Site and the 2006 Webby People’s Voice Award for Best Financial Services Site.

Why you should use PayPal

The service implements top-notch technologies like encrypting data and detecting fraud anti-fraud to give you peace of mind with your information and transactions.

Also, with PayPal, customers can register their cards and then use PayPal conveniently for online checkouts and payments while masking their card or bank details.

In addition, PayPal gives you customization options so you can build and send branded invoices using pre-built templates. You also get out-of-the-box integrations with POS solutions regardless of size and type of vendor. If your eligible purchase doesn’t show up or turns out to be different than described, PayPal will help sort things out with the seller. At the same time, PayPal doesn’t share your financial details with sellers, so you can shop with confidence. Plus, every transaction is guarded with advanced encryption.

The reason why PayPal is so popular worldwide is that it allows users to send payments to overseas sellers with an email address in an instant. As you can guess, it saves you the hassle of having to ask for or remember their bank details. The best part is that you get to buy and sell using your mobile device, on any merchant site or mobile app you can think of. Simply log in with your PayPal credentials, and you can execute the operation in a few seconds.

Why You Might Want to Send Money Anonymously on PayPal

So you’re thinking about sending some money on PayPal but you’re not sure if it’s safe to use your real name and contact information. We hear you. That’s why we’ve put together this guide on how to send money anonymously on PayPal.

First, create a new PayPal account under a different email address than the one you use for your primary account. This will help keep your identity hidden.

Next, make sure you’re using a prepaid card or bank account when you send money. This will help protect your financial information and keep it confidential.

And finally, be sure to delete all of your cookies and browser history after you finish transferring funds. This will help ensure that your identity remains hidden and confidential.

How to Set Up a New PayPal Account

Setting up a new PayPal account is easy. Just go to and click on the “Sign Up” link at the top of the page.

You’ll need to provide some basic information like your name, address, and email address. You’ll also need to create a password and select a security question.

The next step is to link your bank account or credit card. This is how you’ll deposit money into your PayPal account and pay for things.

Once your account is set up, you can start sending money to your friends and family members.

How to Link Your Bank Account to PayPal

So, you’ve decided to use PayPal to send money to your friend or family member. That’s great! PayPal is a safe, secure way to transfer money online. But before you can send money, you need to link your bank account to PayPal. Here’s how:

1. Log in to your PayPal account and click on the “Profile” tab.

2. Click on the “My Money” tab and then click on the “Link a bank account” button.

3. Enter your bank account information and click on the “Update” button.

4. Verify your bank account by entering the 4-digit code that PayPal sends to your bank account.

5. Congratulations! Your bank account is now linked to PayPal.

How to Keep Your Identity Safe When Sending Money on PayPal

Here’s how to send money on PayPal:

  • First, open up the PayPal app and log in. Then, tap the “Send” button and enter the recipient’s email address or phone number. Next, choose the amount you want to send and tap “Next.”
  • Now, you’ll need to choose the payment method. You can either use your PayPal balance or your bank account. Finally, enter your password and tap “Send.”
  • If you’re sending money to a friend or family member, they don’t need a PayPal account to receive it. They’ll just need to enter their email address or phone number. And that’s it!

How to Send Money Anonymously On PayPal

PayPal is a premium choice for those looking to send and receive money conveniently to and from any part of the world.

In fact, many use PayPal as a way to fund their bank accounts and pay for their purchases. What if you don’t want to make your receiver know you are the one sending them a payment? Well, using an anonymous payment method such as PayPal is an ideal way to send money anonymously online.

As earlier mentioned, there are two ways to send money anonymously on PayPal: — Using a Business/Premier account or creating a fake PayPal account.

1. Use a Business PayPal Account to Send Money Anonymous On PayPal

Using a business or premier PayPal account is the best risk-free way for sending money anonymously on PayPal since it is completely on the legal side and doesn’t go against PayPal TOS.

You are free to use any “business” name and email address with a business account. Your private information won’t be disclosed to the people you send money to — instead, your company’s name and email address will be shown.

Keep in mind that the company name you choose doesn’t have to refer to a real business or travel location. In other words, opening a PayPal business account does not require a company license. So now, you might be wondering how to create a business PayPal account to send funds on PayPal.

The best here is, that you do not need to create a business PayPal account if you already have an existing PayPal account. You can just convert your personal PayPal account to a business account. However, if you want to maintain your personal PayPal account, then you can consider creating a standalone business PayPal account.

How To Create a PayPal Business Account

Creating a business PayPal account is as easy as shown on the PayPal website.

Here are the steps you need to open a PayPal business account:

  • Go to and click Sign Up. 
  • Select a business account and click Next. 
  • Enter your email address and click Next. 
  • Now, create a login ID and Password and enter your business contact information.  
  • Make sure to read the user agreement, privacy policy, and electronic communications delivery policy. Then click Agree and Continue. 
  • Next, tell PayPal about your business: Enter your employer ID number or if you’re a sole proprietor, enter your social security number. 
  • Then, enter your website address if you have one and click Continue. 
  • PayPal will ask for some additional personal information that will be used to verify your identity. 
  • Once that’s done, they’ll send you an email to verify your information. 
  • Then your account is ready to use.

How To Change a Personal PayPal Account to a Business Account

Changing your existing PayPal account into a business account is as easy as follows:

  • Log in to your PayPal account.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Click Upgrade to a Business account.
  • Enter your business information and click Agree and Continue.

2. Send Money Anonymously on PayPal via Payeer

You can use your PayPal account to finance your Payeer account and then use that to send money to hide your identity from the recipients. Payeer serves in this situation as a payment gateway by severing the chain of transactions between you and your beneficiary.

You maintain your anonymity because all you are doing is paying money to Payeer so that you can distribute it to your beneficiaries (whatever financial trail you generate is between you and the service provider). Additionally, Payeer offers a variety of cash payment options, so you don’t have to use just your PayPal balance to fund your account.

These options also apply to withdrawal, so your receivers will have access to the same wide range of alternatives when deciding how they’d receive their funds.

3. Using a Cryptocurrency

Most people become discouraged when they learn that they can send money using Bitcoin because they believe it to be incredibly complicated.

The reality is that it’s the currency of the future. To send and receive money using a digital wallet, you don’t even need to understand what Bitcoin is, how exchanges work, or any other technical aspects of digital money.

Let’s say, for the sake of demonstration, that you want to send $300 to someone through a digital wallet in an anonymous way. You just need to use your PayPal balance to pay for the Bitcoin.

The Bitcoin will be held in an electronic wallet, where you can send it anonymously to a recipient with ease. They don’t need to know some of the personal information that PayPal generally gives to recipients of money; all they need to do is convert the Bitcoin back to cash.

Visit LocalBitcoins and register for an account to get going. You have a variety of payment alternatives on this site, and those wishing to withdraw also have those same choices.

You can always refer to their quick video lessons if you need assistance. An email address and an internet connection are all you need to do this.

4. Use Money Transfer Services

A good example of a service that allows anonymous money transfers is Western Union. Let’s use it in this instance to represent other similar services as it’s arguably the name that most people are familiar with.


Start by transferring the desired amount from your PayPal account to your Western Union account in order to send money anonymously online through a third party, Western Union.

Once the funds are in your Western Union account, you may either use a forwarding agency to have the funds sent to the recipient’s mailing address or transfer the funds straight to their account without disclosing your identity.

Know the distinctions between cashier’s check vs certified check as those may be options.

5. Use a Donation Service

One of the main reasons people want to send money anonymously is to make donations. If you’ve ever donated to charity only to receive constant demands for more donations, you understand how crucial it is to keep your identity private.

Thankfully, a few platforms let users donate completely anonymously. One excellent illustration of such a company is JustGive. You have the choice to insert your name and a customized message when you utilize the platform to donate. Simply leave this field empty if you want to stay anonymous.

The contribution transaction will nonetheless be completed.

6. Use Prepaid Gift Cards

You can always send money anonymously by using prepaid gift cards. The card is bought in advance and loaded with the sender’s money, usually using a credit or debit card.

Gift cards can be given to friends and family members who want to send you a present but don’t know what your favourite things are once they have been bought and loaded. If you wish to send money anonymously, you can also buy prepaid Paysafecard vouchers. Companies like Amazon are among the places that sell prepaid Paysafecard vouchers.

How to Receive Money on PayPal

When someone sends you money on PayPal, they don’t need your personal information, like your email address or your phone number. All they need is your unique PayPal email address, which is a little different than your regular email address.

To find out your unique PayPal email address, log in to your PayPal account and click on the “Profile” tab. Then, click on the “My Account” tab and you’ll see your unique PayPal email address listed under the “Email” heading.

Once you have your unique PayPal email address, tell the person sending you money what it is. They can then enter it into the “To” field on the PayPal payment page. Easy as that!

How to Withdraw Money From PayPal

Here’s how to withdraw money from PayPal:

1. Log in to your PayPal account and click on the "Merchandise" tab.
2. Click on "Withdraw" and then select your bank account.
3. Enter the amount you want to withdraw and click on "Submit."
4. Your money should be transferred to your bank account within a few days.


When you’re sending money on PayPal, it’s important to keep your identity safe. Here are a few tips to help you do just that:

  • Make sure to use a strong password that’s unique to PayPal
  • Only use your PayPal account for transactions that are related to PayPal
  • Review your account settings regularly to make sure that no one has access to your personal information

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