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Free online studies with MTN Cameroon – All free sites to explore

Lockdown is everywhere now but students still have to keep studying, especially those in examination classes. You probably didn’t know you could get some useful info online for free with MTN Cameroon but the fact is that you can access a catalogue of local and international educational websites for free with MTN Cameroon. Check out the list of free websites and start your free online studies with MTN Cameroon. You have awesome websites like Udemy and Udacity to learn from quality video courses.

Although some of the international sites offer paid courses, since the access is free, you can take advantage of some of our 100% Udemy coupons!

Free online studies with MTN Cameroon – Local and international websites

Below, you will find websites free over the MTN Cameroon network. These study sites offer contents for both kids, college and University levels.

Free international online studies websites with MTN Cameroon

Local websites to learn from for free with MTN Cameroon

A Final word

According to MTN Cameroon, these websites are free to access from 6 am to 4PM everyday. So, why so stay at home during the COVID-19 lockdown period, you cna continue to gain some quality knowledge online at zero cost.


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