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About URL Rewriting Tool

URL Rewriting Tool is a Free SEO Tool that allows you to Convert your dynamic URLs to static URLs to rank better in the popular search engines like (Google, Yahoo, Ask, etc.,) and get the URLs to index faster.

URL rewriting tool converts your dynamic URLs into respected SEO friendly URLs to index properly on search engines, and also gives .htaccess rewrite code.

How does rewriting work?

.htaccess file manages a variety of ways to access, block, and redirect a website. It does this using one or more rewritten rules in a sequence. These rewritings are made possible by the mod_rewrite module provided by Apache. mod-rewrite provides a dynamic way to change incoming URL requests, based on regular expression rules.

Our component convert links into user-friendly URLs.


isn’t easy to remember. A rewrite engine enables the URL to be written in a much more intuitive way:


An internet user can also use this URL to access a corresponding web page. If a request like this is received by the web server, the rewrite engine automatically converts the URL into the internal one used by the server.