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Windows Keyboard Shortcuts for Superscripts

This article is here to guide you on how to use the Windows Keyboard Shortcuts for Superscripts.

There will always come a moment where you will want to write a number, symbol, or text as a superscript.

This is very common especially in situations where your a writing a document with mathematical formulas.

With Microsoft Word, there is already an option to insert superscripts to your document. But what about typing online or using a tool that doesn’t give you a direct way of adding superscripts?

You will therefore need to know some Windows Keyboard shortcuts for superscripts.

Some good exaù^mes of situations where you will need to use a superscript include;

  • Typing mathematical formulas like (a+b)²=a² + b².
  • Power of 2 or 3 like 10² and 2³.

Alt Code Windows Keyboard Shortcuts for Superscripts.

For Windows users, they can make use of the Alt code shortcut on their keyboard to come up with different superscript and subscript characters. Here is how to proceed;

Windows Keyboard Shortcuts for Superscript and Subscript
A computer Keyboard
  • Press and hold any of the ALT key and then press the numbers one by one.
  • Make sure the Numeric lock is switched on.
  • Shortcut keys with numbers will only work with ALT and the number pad keys as shown in the below keyboard picture. It may not work as expected with the number keys part of the regular keyboard.

Popular superscripts Alt key shortcuts

SymbolDescriptionDecimal CodeHex Code
Superscript zeroAlt + 83042070
Superscript informationAlt + 83052071
²Superscript twoAlt + 17800B2
³Superscript threeAlt + 17900B3
Superscript fourAlt + 83082074
Superscript fiveAlt + 83092075
Superscript sixAlt + 83102076
Superscript sevenAlt + 83112077
Superscript eightAlt + 83122078
Superscript nineAlt + 83132079
Superscript plusAlt + 8314207A
Superscript minusAlt + 8315207B
Superscript equalAlt + 8316207C
Superscript left parenthesisAlt + 8317207D
Superscript right parenthesisAlt + 8318207E
Superscript small letter nAlt + 8319207F
Subscript zeroAlt + 83202080
Subscript oneAlt + 83212081
Subscript twoAlt + 83222082
Subscript threeAlt + 83232083
Subscript fourAlt + 83242084
Subscript fiveAlt + 83252085
Subscript sixAlt + 83262086
Subscripts evenAlt + 83272087
Subscript eightAlt + 83282088
Subscript nineAlt + 83292089
Subscript plusAlt + 8330208A
Subscript minusAlt + 8331208B
Subscript equalAlt + 8332208C
Subscript left parenthesisAlt + 8333208D
Subscript right parenthesisAlt + 8334208E
Subscript small letter aAlt + 83362090
Subscript small letter eAlt + 83372091
Subscript small letter oAlt + 83382092
Subscript small letter xAlt + 83392093
Subscript latin small letter schwaAlt + 83402094
Subscript small letter hAlt + 83412095
Subscript small letter kAlt + 83422096
Subscript small letter lAlt + 83432097
Subscript small letter mAlt + 83442098
Subscript small letter nAlt + 83452099
Subscript small letter pAlt + 8346209A
Subscript small letter sAlt + 8347209B
Subscript small letter tAlt + 8348209C
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