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ALCATEL X230(X230X, X230S, X230E, X230D) UNLOCKING 100% FREE

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Most internet USB dongles or stick usually come locked to particular network operators, making it impossible to use with your other favourite networks. So, the sole goal of this tutorial is to guide you on how to get it unlocked and use with all other networks.
So, today, we are happy to bring to you Alcatel X230(X230X, X230S, X230E, X230D) unlocking 100% free. Once you’ve succeeded in unlocking your modem, you can now use any network of your choice.

Device key specifications

Device type:Modem
GSM: 850 900 1800 1900
HSDPA: 2100
Dimensions (H/L/W):87 x 27 x 10 mm, vol. 23.5 cm³
Weight:50 g
Built-in antenna:
Antena connector:
Plug & Play:
WiFi router:
Supported OS:Windows XP Windows Vista Windows Seven MAC OS X


HSDPA speed:7,2 Mb/s
HSUPA speed:5,76 Mb/s
USB:YES icon 2.0

What is required for the Alcatel X230 unlocking?

Just like any other locked modem, Alcatel X230 unlocking will require you to know the IMEI number. The latter is required to calculate the NCK/unlocking code. This is no vital though for unlocking with some special unlocking tools which automatically retrieves device IMEI number from your device and generate the unlocking code and or performs the unlocking directly(Z3X Samsung pro tool for example)   Once you have noted down your IMEI number which is 15 digits, you will also need to make use of a Computer for the unlocking process.

Alcatel X230 Unlocking steps

  • Plug your Alcatel X230 USB dongle to the Computer and install the dashboard or connection manager
  • Once it’s installed, wait for all drivers to install.
  • Next, unplug and insert a sim card from a different carrier(different from the one the modem is locked to).
  • It should open the dashboard software for managing the connection. If it doesn’t, you can always do it manually by clicking on the desktop shortcut.
  • You will be prompted to enter NCK code.
  • Enter NCK code for your modem and click ok.
  • Congrats!!!!

How do I get the NCK code?

With mobiprox unlock, you do not have to stress in order to get NCK code for your Alcatel X230 modem. All you need to do is provide us with your modem IMEI code and we will do the rest. Make sure you provide the correct IMEI code. Use the following format to request:  

Promoted contents:

Please kindly provide me with unlock code/nck for;

Alcatel X230X(S, D, E) *depending on your modem

IMEI: 098765432109876

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