OBFS Servers

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What are OBFS Servers and how does it work? OBFS (Obfuscated) servers are a type of server used for circumventing internet censorship and surveillance. They work by disguising network traffic to appear as something else, making it more difficult for censors to identify and block.

OBFS servers can be used with VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) to provide an additional layer of obfuscation to the VPN traffic. This can be particularly useful in countries where internet censorship is common, as well as in corporate or educational environments where access to certain websites or services may be restricted.

There are several types of OBFS protocols, including:

  1. Obfsproxy: This is open-source software that can be used to obfuscate traffic and bypass censorship. It works by disguising traffic as normal HTTPS traffic, making it difficult to identify and block.
  2. Shadowsocks: This is another open-source protocol that can be used for obfuscation. It works by creating a SOCKS5 proxy that encrypts and obfuscates traffic, making it difficult to identify and block.
  3. Stunnel: This is a protocol that can be used to encrypt and obfuscate traffic. It works by creating a TLS tunnel that can be used to disguise traffic as HTTPS, making it more difficult to identify and block.

How OBFS servers work

The obfs server works by transforming the user’s internet traffic in a way that makes it appear as though it is something else, such as random data, encrypted data, or some other type of traffic that is less likely to be blocked or filtered. This is done through a process known as obfuscation or scrambling.

The servers listed above support multiple protocols, including Vmess, Vless, and Trojan, in combination with WebSocket, H2, GRPC, TLS, and HTTP. Fastssh provides the flexibility to choose from any of the available protocols.

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