Make money online with Moolineo 2023: A website for emails, surveys and paid purchases

Make money online with Moolineo 2023: A website for emails, surveys and paid purchases. Moolineo is a good paid survey site to make ends meet, as it offers a variety of interesting assignments. You get paid to complete online surveys, refer family and friends, read emails, make Facebook posts, and more.

What is Moolineo?

Before discussing how to earn money with Moolineo let’s, first of all, try to explain what Moolineo is. Moolineo is a remunerative site or multi-earning site, you carry out missions for remuneration. The types of missions offered are reading emails, visiting sites, testing products and many more. You accumulate money with each mission and you can withdraw funds from 15€. The site has existed since 2015. After several years of existence, Moolineo has distributed more than 1,500,000 euros.

The website appeared in 2015, which gives it a long history, proof of its seriousness. On it, you can earn money by reading emails, answering surveys, with your internet purchases and even playing various games (contests, etc.). Product testing is also possible.

Registration on Moolineo is 100% free. You will never be asked to pay for registering or participating in offers.

Moolineo has some interesting features such as a video lotto, a directory of contests and small raffles to stand out from the competition. There is therefore enough to supplement your ends of the month for free from home.

Currently, more than 120 shops are available in cashback and you will receive an average of 5 to 10 emails per day. In each newsletter, you can unsubscribe with 1 click.

Moolineo has a very interesting sponsorship module. You will directly get a check for 6 euros for every 5 sponsored referrals. On the other hand, for the godchild to be validated, he must have read at least 1 email and logged on to the site a second day. It should be noted that sponsorship competitions are also frequently organized to complete the sponsorship offer.

What are the benefits of Moolineo?

Apart from the earnings in euros in your kitty to round off your end of the month, the paid survey site also offers many advantages. These include product testing, the Speedy Wall and free samples among others.

Product testing and free samples

On Moolineo, you can receive free samples or products to test and then give your opinion. You don’t win any money here, but it’s a good opportunity to try the latest release from your favourite toothbrush brand for free.

Le Speedy Wall

The Speedy Wall works on the same principle as the Speed ​​Clic. This wall offers you limited-time offers that automatically disappear after a few days or even hours.

Contest games

Renowned brands such as Carrefour, Leclerc, Ikea and even Amazon often launch contests. You can participate for a few minutes by clicking on a button in your Moolineo member area.

Scratch tickets

Those who like chance will certainly appreciate this advantage offered by Moolineo. The promises of winnings in the field of scratch tickets are around 500 €. You can also hope for a smartphone and many other enticing products.

Best ways to Make money online with Moolineo 2023

1. Reading emails: it’s very easy but not very profitable

The mission is very simple, you only have to read the email to be paid, in a few seconds once you have gone through the email you are credited in your kitty with… €0.01/mail, so you have to read a lot of mail to earn money. This is clearly not the most profitable mission and on which it is necessary to linger.

2. Share Moolineo offers on Facebook

Again, nothing very complicated, you share the offers that Moolineo offers on your Facebook profile. In the example above, in addition to the remuneration of 10 cents when visiting the site, you earn an additional €0.002 when you share the post on your Facebook wall. When you click on the publish button, the site explains how to have the remuneration validated, it’s quite simple and it takes barely 30 seconds.

 3. Visit sites: paid clicks

As simple as reading an email you just have to go to the site to be paid, the remuneration is between 0.01€ and 0.05€, moreover, the sum is immediately credited to your earnings without a time limit.

4. Register on sites

This type of paid mission takes a little longer, therefore these missions are better paid. In the example just above you can earn €5 by registering on the site, be careful however, some sites require you to register for a subscription, a subscription which is free for 7 days so do not forget to unsubscribe just before 7 days. You must enter true information (surname, first name, postal address, email address) because behind the site can check your details if they are not correct, it will cancel the mission and therefore your remuneration. The remuneration for this type of mission is between €0.10 and €5.

5. Deposit money on sites for a fee

This is undoubtedly the type of paid mission that will bring you the most money! You must deposit an amount indicated in general on Casino sites, Paris Sportif, as soon as you deposit the money you are credited on your pot of the amount. Be careful to respect the amount to deposit under penalty of seeing your remuneration on Moolinéo not validated, and make sure of the methods of withdrawing your money on the sites where you make the deposits.

6. Test products

You can test physical products. Brands like Haribo, Milka, and Cola… To be able to test products you must earn “Gtickets” (points) to earn them you must complete as many missions as possible, you have a time limit to be able to participate in the product test. So you don’t earn money but you get free products. In the example, you can test a Nintendo 3DS console however it requires a lot of points. Nothing prevents you from reselling the products you have tested (unless they are edible products).

7. Receive free samples

Like product testing, you receive free samples and you don’t need points to get the products.

8. The “Speedy Wall”: missions with a limited lifespan

This takes up the different missions listed just above, with the difference that you have a limited time to participate in the missions and above all a limited number of places. You must therefore be the fastest to be able to participate in its paid missions. Who says limited time and places, the remuneration for this type of mission is often with better remuneration than the classic missions.

9. Le « Weekly Contest »

This contest game takes place every week, the more missions you participate in, the more money you accumulate, and the more money you earn with the contest game, it’s a virtual circle. There is €400 to be won, here is an example of a winner:

The 1st in the contest in addition to €218.86 will get €50 more.

10. Participate in contests

Moolineo lists lots of contests distributed by different companies, for example, you have a Carrefour contest to win 1 year of racing, or Ikea or Amazon gift cards, it is not with this type of mission that you will win money. money but nothing costs you to participate from time to time.

11. Respond to surveys

Brands/companies need to have the opinion of consumers on various subjects, to encourage you to answer surveys you can win immediate rewards, of course, you do not know in advance what you will win. With surveys, you either win immediate rewards or you can also participate in contests.

12. Sponsorship with Moolineo

Referral is one of the best ways to earn money on Moolineo. What is sponsorship? You promote the site to your families/friends, once they register on the site you earn €6 for every 5 registrations (referrals). If you have a blog, a newsletter, a Facebook page/group you can easily promote it. The user for it to be validated must register on the site and connect a second time. As soon as you register on the site you can promote the Moolineo site via a personalized link.

How to withdraw money on Moolineo?

The minimum gain to make a withdrawal on Moolineo is €15, only the validated amounts. The platform includes 3 payment methods, check, bank transfer and PayPal.

During your first disbursement on Moolineo, you must receive your funds by check. This procedure confirms that you have a domicile in France. Remember to check your postal address beforehand, because in the event of an error, the payment is definitively lost.

Thereafter, you can use the other means of payment which are effective, and much faster. For this, you must send an email from the contact page to inform the site of this change.

Earnings are sent monthly between the 5th and 10th. This means that when you submit your request on January 8 or January 31, your payout arrives at the beginning of February.

What is the potential gain on Moolineo?

If you do the surveys, sponsorships and other paid assignments well, you can expect a monthly salary of up to €300, depending on the platform. On Moolineo, everything seems to be in place so that users can really make ends meet. On average, you can receive between 20 and 40 tasks daily, excluding weekends and holidays.

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