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Top 5 reasons you should use the Torch Browser.

When it comes to browsing the internet, people always look for the web browser offering the best user experience. With Google Chrome being the most popular, many at times turn to ignore other web browsers that have awesome features as well. Today, after using the Torch web browser for a while, we are here to share with you the top 5 reasons you should use the Torch Browser.

Although the Torch Browser and Google Chrome, for example, are both Chromium-based, it is ranked very low comparatively. But does that mean the Torch Browser has very little to offer? Well, continue reading this post to find out.

About the Torch Browser

Just like Google Chrome, UC Browser, etc, Torch Browser is a Chromium-based web browser and Internet suite. It is developed by Torch Media. The browser handles common Internet-related tasks such as displaying websites, sharing websites via social networks, and much more.

Top 5 reasons you should use the Torch Browser

You may be versed with other web browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Opera, or UC browser. All of them are good with each having its own pros and cons. But what do you know about the Torch Browser? Here in this section, we are going to unveil to you the top 5 reasons you should use it.

1. With Torch Browser, no need to install another media grabber

The browser comes with a built-in media Grabber. The media Grabber is capable of downloading videos from video sharing sites such as YouTube or Vimeo. In this light, there is no need to installing another media grabbing tool!

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Torch Media Grabber:Top 5 reasons you should the Torch Browser
Torch Media Grabber

Once you find video or audio online that you want to save; click on the Media Grabber button to easily save it without having to use external programs, converters or extensions. The audio will automatically be saved in a separate file.

2. No need to have another torrent downloader.

Torch Torrent
Torch Torrent

If you are using a low memory device(computer) one of your top priority will be not installing much software. The torch browser with its built-in torrent downloader(Torch Torrent) allows you to download torrents. With this, your web browser becomes your torrent downloader.

To download a torrent, simply visit the torrent website, click on the torrent download link and Torch browser will grab the link.

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3. Stream media while it’s still downloading

Torch Player
Torch Player

With the Torch built-in media player, you can stream videos or music without having to wait for it to download completely. If it is a torrent, click Play on a torrent in Torch Torrent and it will automatically open in the stunning Torch Player.

4. Music and game centre

Get all the entertainment you need by listening to your favourite musics and playing cool games directly from your web browser. No need to make extra efforts searching for cool musics or games to “beat-out your stress”!

5. just as fast, ad-on-rich, customisable as Chrome

Both Chrome and Torch Browser are Chromium-based. As a result, the speed is as good as that of Google Chrome. Torch browser uses the same ad-on(extensions) as Google Chrome.

The browser is also very customisable. You can customise the start page to suite your needs.

Our Verdict

Despite being a Chromium-based browser like Google Chrome, UC Browser, Vivaldi, Torch isn’t that popular. But if you take a good look at all the features it has to offer, you would see that it is as good as most of the top Web browsers and even better.

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