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Chatsonic – your generative AI conversation partner

Chatsonic is a revolutionary AI like Chat GPT – Chatsonic (now with GPT-4 capabilities), the conversational AI NLP processor that addresses the limitations of ChatGPT, turning out to be the best free ChatGPT alternative.

It is a powerful tool that can be used for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Automating customer service interactions: Chatsonic can be used to answer customer questions, process orders, and provide personalized customer service. This can free up human customer service representatives to focus on more complex tasks.
  • Generating content: Chatsonic can be used to generate a variety of content, including blog posts, emails, social media posts, and product descriptions. This can save content creators time and effort, and it can help to ensure that the content is high-quality and accurate.
  • Researching topics: Chatsonic can be used to research topics and gather information. This can be helpful for businesses that are looking to stay up-to-date on industry trends or for individuals who are doing research for a school project or other purposes.
  • Creating images: Chatsonic can be used to create images using AI models like Stable Diffusion and DallE. This can be helpful for businesses that want to create custom images for their marketing materials or for individuals who want to create images for personal use.

This AI Chatbot is trained and powered by ‘Google Search’ to chat with you about current events and trending topics in real-time.


Key features

Here are some of the key features of Chatsonic:

  • AI-powered chatbot: It uses AI to simulate human speech and answer questions accurately and informatively.
  • Google search integration: It integrates with Google Search to provide hyper-relevant content on any given topic.
  • Content generation: Chatsonic can generate a variety of content, including blog posts, emails, social media posts, and product descriptions.
  • Image creation: This AI Chatbot can create images using AI models like Stable Diffusion and DallE.
  • Free trial: Chatsonic offers a free trial so you can try it before you buy it.
  • API Integration: Chatsonic API access allows you to quickly and easily connect Chatsonic with your existing applications, allowing you to provide a seamless user experience. Whether you’re looking to integrate Chatsonic with your website or your mobile app, the Chatsonic API makes it easy.

How does the Chatsonic AI chatbot (GPT-4 powered) work?

Step 1: Select “Chatsonic” from the Writesonic dashboard.

How does the Chatsonic AI chatbot (GPT-4 powered) work?

Ready to join the AI chatbot revolution? Let’s get started! Log into your Writesonic account. Sign up for free today if you haven’t created an account yet. Next, go to the Writesonic Library and select “Chatsonic” from the list of content templates.

Step 2: Explore Chatsonic and how it can be used

How does the Chatsonic AI chatbot (GPT-4 powered) work?

You’ll be redirected to the Chatsonic template, where you can discover unlimited possibilities to level up your content creation game. You can either create factual content based on the text inputs or voice commands, you can generate mesmerizing artwork, or come up with detailed and well-written use cases.

Step 3: Chat with AI.

How does the Chatsonic AI chatbot (GPT-4 powered) work?

Next, enter the details about what you want to generate using Chatsonic. Be as descriptive as possible, because the better the input, the better the output. You can either chat in the form of text or audio. Also, make sure to turn on “Include latest Google data” if you want to add real-time trending information.

Step 4: Hit generate!

Once you are satisfied with the input or command that you have entered, you can find the “Send” option just beside the input box. Click on it and see how magically Chatsonic starts creating content. And there you go! Here’s a well-written piece of content generated by Chatsonic in seconds.

How is Chatsonic different from ChatGPT by Open AI?

ChatGPT has certain limitations as it lacks the ability to crawl Google for real-time information on current events. Its knowledge is confined to what it learned prior to 2021, resulting in potential inaccuracies in its responses. Additionally, due to being trained on a vast collection of human opinions, encompassing diverse perspectives, it cannot undergo frequent training updates to stay updated with the latest information.

Introducing Chatsonic – or you can call it ChatGPT with enhanced capabilities!

Chatsonic, developed by Writesonic, is an AI platform that establishes a robust connection with Google to access up-to-date information on ongoing events and subjects. This empowers Chatsonic to provide precise answers to any query and efficiently tackle day-to-day tasks. Unlike ChatGPT, which is constrained by its training data and lacks frequent updates, Chatsonic excels in accuracy and reliability by staying abreast of current events.

Is Chatsonic free to use?

Yes, you can use ChatSonic for free. You don’t need to feed in any credit card details you use it either. Just sign-up and start talking!

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