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Convai – Conversational AI for Virtual Worlds

In the ever-evolving realm of virtual worlds and gaming, the demand for lifelike, intelligent characters has never been greater. These characters not only add depth to your digital landscapes but also engage players on a whole new level. Enter Convai, a groundbreaking AI Game Dev tool that empowers you to create and connect intelligent characters to your virtual world with ease. In this article, we’ll dive deep into the world of Convai, exploring its intuitive interface, seamless integration with popular game engines, and the exciting possibilities it opens for your virtual endeavors.

Unlocking the Power of Convai

Building Characters with Unique Backstories

Convai’s strength lies in its ability to breathe life into your virtual characters. Whether you’re crafting a valiant knight, a mischievous gnome, or a wise old wizard, Convai allows you to infuse each character with a rich backstory. These backstories provide depth and authenticity, making your characters feel more like genuine inhabitants of your virtual realm.

Giving Voice to Your Characters

Voice is a powerful tool for storytelling, and Convai recognizes this. With its array of voice options, you can assign distinctive voices to your characters. Whether you want a deep, resonant voice for a heroic character or a playful, whimsical tone for a mischievous sprite, Convai has you covered.

Testing Characters in a Playground

Before unleashing your characters into your virtual world, Convai offers a unique feature—a playground for testing. Here, you can interact with your characters, fine-tuning their responses and actions. This ensures that when players encounter them in the game, the experience is seamless and captivating.

Integration with Leading Game Engines

Convai’s versatility shines through its compatibility with various game engines. It seamlessly integrates with Unreal Engine, Unity, Nvidia Omniverse, and Roblox, giving you the freedom to use your characters across different platforms. This cross-engine integration expands your audience and allows you to reach players on their preferred gaming platforms.

Engaging Conversations and Actions

Convai takes character interaction to the next level with open-ended, voice-based conversations and actions. Your characters can engage players in immersive dialogues, responding to their queries, and participating in dynamic scenarios. This feature not only enhances gameplay but also fosters player engagement and emotional connection.

Pricing Plans Tailored to Your Needs

Convai offers flexible pricing plans to accommodate users with varying requirements. Here’s a breakdown of their plans:

1. Developer Plan

For those embarking on the journey of character creation and development, Convai’s Developer Plan is the perfect starting point. It offers:

  • Price: Starts at $0 per month
  • Features: Explore Convai’s tools and add more capabilities as your development and testing requirements grow.
  • Knowledge Size: 1MB
  • Daily Interaction Quota: 100 interactions for free

This plan allows you to get a taste of Convai’s potential without any financial commitment, making it ideal for budding game developers.

2. Partner Plan

If you’re a studio, a startup, or a growing business looking to integrate Convai into your products, apps, or games, the Partner Plan is designed for you. It offers:

Promoted contents:

  • Pricing Model: Revenue-sharing
  • Upfront Cost: Minimal
  • Adaptability: Tailored to your business model
  • Success Collaboration: Convai succeeds when you succeed

The Partner Plan is a flexible solution that aligns with your business goals, allowing you to scale your virtual world as your user base grows.

3. Enterprise Plan

For large organizations and studios with advanced requirements, Convai’s Enterprise Plan offers a range of exclusive features:

  • Service Level Agreements: Custom options
  • White-label: Branding customization
  • On-premises Deployment: Control and security
  • Data Analysis Tools: Fine-tuning for optimum performance

The Enterprise Plan provides the tools and support needed for managing complex, large-scale virtual worlds.

Getting Started with Convai

With Convai’s Developer Plan, you can start for free, gaining access to a 1MB Knowledge Size and a daily interaction quota of 100 interactions. As your needs expand, Convai offers paid options starting at $6 per month for Gamer usage and going up to $69 per month for professional usage. This scalability ensures that Convai grows with you as you embark on your virtual world-building journey.

In conclusion, Convai is your gateway to creating immersive, intelligent characters that elevate your virtual world. With its user-friendly interface, cross-engine compatibility, and flexible pricing, Convai empowers both novice and seasoned developers to bring their virtual visions to life. Ready to embark on a journey of unparalleled storytelling and player engagement? Access Convai now and unlock the potential of your virtual world: Access Now.


1. Is Convai suitable for both beginners and experienced developers?

Absolutely! Convai offers a Developer Plan that’s perfect for beginners and scales up to an Enterprise Plan for experienced developers and large organizations.

2. Can I use Convai characters in multiple game engines?

Yes, Convai seamlessly integrates with popular game engines like Unreal Engine, Unity, Nvidia Omniverse, and Roblox, allowing you to use your characters across different platforms.

3. How does Convai’s pricing work?

Convai offers a range of pricing plans, including a free Developer Plan with optional paid upgrades. They also have a revenue-sharing Partner Plan and an Enterprise Plan with custom options.

4. Can I customize the voices of my characters in Convai?

Yes, Convai provides a variety of voice options, allowing you to assign distinctive voices to your characters, enhancing their individuality.

5. What kind of support does Convai offer for large organizations?

Convai’s Enterprise Plan includes options for dedicated support, white-label branding, on-premises deployment, and data analysis tools to meet the needs of large organizations and studios.

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