10 Passive Income Businesses - Earn Passive Income In 2021
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[100% off] 10 Passive Income Businesses – Earn Passive Income In 2021

Enrol to the 10 Passive Income Businesses – Earn Passive Income In 2021 paid Udemy course now for free and save $48.99. Learn how to generate passive income in 2021 by learning the pros and cons of 10 common passive income business models and start one.

What you’ll learn

  • 10 passive income streams
  • How to succeed on Amazon
  • What it takes to do well with affiliate marketing
  • Selling video courses and succeeding on YouTube
  • Why passive income is so hard for so many and how to have the right mindset
  • How to write or acquire books to sell for passive income
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Description (10 Passive Income Businesses – Earn Passive Income In 2021)

Passive income is a dream and I’ll help you understand the 10 most common passive income business models because I’ve done them all.

I’ll help you understand the pros and cons of affiliate marketing, selling on Amazon, the service arbitrage model, YouTube, online courses, and much more.


That’s common. Most first-time online entrepreneurs struggle in their first year or two. A big reason is that every passive income business sounds amazing, but has many challenges. Plus, the payouts are often smaller than we all dream about.

This causes a lot of frustration instead of having the promise of living on the beach and not working.

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If you don’t want to waste your time anymore and if you want a truthful perspective, sign up for this course. I’ve done all these businesses and I’ve coached hundreds of entrepreneurs on them, some of whom have been very successful with one client even reaching an 8-figure business.

I’ll walk you through all the pros and cons, and you will have the real picture of what these businesses are really like, what it will take to succeed, and how to succeed.


If you have questions, know that I am here to help! I answer 99% of student questions within 24 hours. Many students tell me that other instructors don’t respond. Well, I do because

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1) I care about my students.

2) I feel a responsibility to make sure that students get their money’s worth from the course.

Instructor(s): Alex Genadinik
Duration: 2.5 hours
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