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Download Mortal Kombat Unchained PSP PPSSPP ISO [Highly Compressed]

Download Highly Compressed Mortal Kombat Unchained PSP PPSSPP ISO FOR ANDROID. Play Mortal Kombat – Unchained PSP game on your Android.

Mortal Kombat: Unchained is a fighting video game created and released by Midway as the sixth instalment of the Mortal Kombat video game franchise.

Mortal Kombat: Deception follows the storyline from the fifth instalment, Deadly Alliance. Its story centres on the revival of the Dragon King Onaga, who attempts to conquer the realms featured in the series after defeating the sorcerers Quan Chi and Shang Tsung, the main antagonists in the previous game, and the Thunder God Raiden, defender of Earthrealm. The surviving warriors from the previous titles join forces to confront Onaga.

Game Story

Unfortunately for the two traitors wizards was a big surprise when Onaga returned to take the throne of Out World. Before the terrible destruction of Shang Tsung, Quan Chi and Raiden joined forces to fight.

However, the power of the three of them combined was not enough to be able to resist the Dragon King, and even the suicide attack with Raiden’s devastating power could not stop him. At the risk of world destruction, the alliance of heroes in Mortal Kombat has teamed up to destroy Onaga.

In the final events of Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance, Raiden’s warriors, who were meant to protect the six fictional universes (named “realms”), are killed by the Deadly Alliance (Shang Tsung and Quan Chi), who attempted to conquer the realms. As a single survivor, Raiden attempts to fight both sorcerers but is ultimately defeated.

The Deadly Alliance soon dissolves as the two sorcerers turn on each other for Shinnok’s amulet. When Quan Chi wins, the Dragon King Onaga, the former emperor of the realm of Outworld, appears to regain his power. Quan Chi, Shang Tsung and Raiden join forces to stop Onaga, though Raiden ultimately unleashes all his powers in a colossal explosion that, apart from destroying both members of the Deadly Alliance, the surrounding palace and himself, has little effect on Onaga.

Onaga now seeks to use six artefacts called the Kamidogu (literally “Tool of God” or “divine clay”), which are able to destroy the realms. Those fighters who survive the battle against the Deadly Alliance now stand against Onaga and his supporters. The latter include the forces of Edenia, now led by Mileena in the titular theme of deception as she masquerades as her sister, Princess Kitana. Other enemies include the former defenders from the realms, who were resurrected by Onaga and are under his control.

Download Mortal Kombat Unchained PSP PPSSPP ISO

RegionEU , US
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How to install and play on Android

  • Download the Game zip file from below.
  • Extract using ZArchiver to get the IOS file
  • Next, download and install PPSSPP Emulator App.
  • Finally, launch the PPSSPP emulator and load the Game ISO file from the exttracted loaction and there you go

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