Reverse Engineering 2: Windows GUI Programs
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[Download] Reverse Engineering 2: Windows GUI Programs

Download the paid Udemy Reverse Engineering 2: Windows GUI Programs course videos for free from thispage. Originally, this course will cost you$19.99. Reverse engineer Windows Graphical User Interface programs with xdbg.

What you’ll learn

  • Disassemble windows programs
  • Reversing jumps
  • Patching
  • Debugging windows programs
  • Solving crackme’s
  • NOP instructions
  • Modifying EAX register values
  • Setting Hardware Breakpoints
  • Memory Patching
  • Intermodular Call Method
  • Call Stack Method
  • Understand how Trial Period works
  • Understand how Software Registration process works
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Reverse Engineering 2: Windows GUI Programs – Course Description

In the first course in this series entitled Reverse Engineering 1: x64dbg Debugger for Beginners, you learnt how to reverse engineer a command-line program and learnt how to debug and step over and patch and much more. Now, in this 2nd course, you will continue learning. This time we will be learning how to reverse engineer graphical user interface programs. As usual, we will work with crackme’s that I have written for you to practice reversing.

Thank you and see you inside.

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Who this course is for:

  • Computing students who want to learn how to disassemble and debug windows programs
  • Anyone who is interested in reverse engineering
  • Programmers who want to know how to fix bugs in programs without the source code
InstructorPaul Chin
Udemy link to the course


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