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6 months Premium Tidal Bin 2021 [updated]

Grab your Tidal premium account for free with this Premium Tidal Bin. The Bin code we have provided here is your key to gettings free 6 months Tidal premium subscription.

But before we get started, we’ll advise your first take a look at the ultimate guide on how to generate Virtual credit card from BIN codes.

We also have a catalogue of freshly added BIN codes for another services which you can find here.


6 months premium BIN TIDAL

Tidal is a subscription-based music, podcast and video streaming service that combines lossless audio and high-definition music videos with exclusive content and special features on music. Tidal was launched in 2014 by Norwegian public company Aspiro, currently owned by Jay-Z.

With distribution agreements with all three major labels and many indies, Tidal claims to offer access to more than 60 million tracks and 240,000 music videos.

 It offers two levels of service: Tidal Premium (lossy quality) and Tidal HiFi (lossless CD quality – FLAC-based 16-Bit/44.1 kHz – and MQA – typically 24-bit/96 kHz). Tidal claims to pay the highest percentage of royalties to music artists and songwriters within the music streaming market.

TIDAL is available in 53 countries, and we have over 60 million songs and over 250,000 high-quality videos.

Subscription plans

Tidal offers a 30-day free trial for new subscribers, and for a limited time, you can get a whole six months for just $4, and that goes for the HiFi tier, too.

TIDAL currently has 2 subscriptions tiers, the Premium and HiFi plans.

Premium for $9.99 / month

For $9.99 per month, TIDAL’s Premium tier gives users unlimited music across multiple devices including smartphones, computers, and tablets, as well as access to exclusive TIDAL X events. TIDAL Premium subscribers can also create playlists and download songs to their devices for offline listening – all without intrusive advertisements.

HiFi for $19.99 / month

TIDAL’s HiFi tier gives subscribers all the same great content and experiences as a Premium subscription, except the music is delivered in lossless, CD and Master Quality Authenticated (MQA) quality (1411 kbps vs. 320 kbps for standard streaming).

HiFi streaming delivers an uncompressed sound file, which means that you can hear every instrument and every note – as the artist intended. This tier costs $19.99 per month.

Premium Tidal BIN

A premium Tidal bin code is one that will allow you to get access to Tidal premium and HiFi for free. With this bin, all you have to do is generate virtual credit cards and then use the live ones to subscribe to Tidal Premium.

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Requirements to use this bin

Recommended 6 months Premium Tidal bin 2021


Zip Code: 10080 o 10020

Link : https://tidal.com


📤| BIN: 559591000xxxxxxx
📤| FECHA: rnd
📤| CVV: rnd
📮| IP: USA🇺🇸

🧬| LINK: http://Tidal.com
🧬| 6 MONTH LINK (IP UK 🇬🇧): http://offer.tidal.com/voucher?code=LIDLMUSIC

BIN: 458453200307xxxx
DATE: 06/23

Bin : 5261105814xxxxxx


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