Dragon Ball Daima: The New Dragon Ball Anime coming Fall 2024

It’s been long fans have beem waiting for a new Dragon Ball anime series. There is still hope as Akira Toriyama the master brain behind this anime has revealed via a teaser that an new frachise for this TV anime series will see the light come fall 2024.

Dragon Ball Daima is the title of the upcoming series and is expected to be mind-blowing filled with stories that have never before been told in the Dragon Ball stories we’ve come across so far. This will make the fifth anime installment in the Dragon Ball franchise.


Dragon Ball DaimaドラゴンボールDaimaDoragon Bōru Daima
GenreAction-Adventure, Comedy, Science Fantasy, Martial Arts, Bangsian Fantasy
Anime seriesDragon Ball Daima
Directed byAya Komaki
StudioToei Animation
Story byAkira Toriyama
Original run2024 —

During New York Comic-Con 2024, an exciting revelation emerged—a fresh Dragon Ball anime named Dragon Ball Daima has been officially unveiled. This unexpected news thrilled fans eagerly anticipating the next chapter after the conclusion of Dragon Ball Super’s anime in 2018. Despite the availability of two significant post-Tournament of Power story arcs in the DBS manga awaiting adaptation, the upcoming anime promises a completely original creation from Akira Toriyama, paying homage to the 40th anniversary of Dragon Ball.

Executive producer Akio Iyoku, alongside Dragon Ball Super’s English voice actors Monica Rial (Bulma) and Ian Sinclair (Whis), unveiled a brief teaser trailer. Iyoku shared that the series creator, Toriyama, “…has been extensively engaged beyond his typical role, overseeing the original work, story, character design, and more.” Although specific details remain scarce, it appears that Toriyama will play a more substantial role in the production of Daima compared to his involvement in Dragon Ball Super.

In the series, Goku, Vegeta, Bulma and other characters throughout the series become younger than usual. However, this is different from a similar plotline in the Dragon Ball GT anime, in which Goku reverts back into a kid after the end of the original series. Although the title “Daima” does not mean anything, the kanji could be interpreted as “Evil” in English.

Fans of the Dragon Ball franchise are eagerly awaiting the premiere of Dragon Ball Daima, and it is sure to be a hit when it airs in 2024.

Here are some additional details about the series:

  • The title “Daima” is a made-up term that can be translated to “Evil” in English.
  • The series will feature a new world that has never been seen before in the Dragon Ball franchise.
  • Goku will use his Nyoibo (Power Pole) to fight in the series, something that has not been seen in a long time.
  • Toriyama has said that he is very excited about the series and that he believes it will be a lot of fun for fans of the Dragon Ball franchise.
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