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WhatsApp is planning to introduce an improved method for describing media files

WhatsApp is planning to introduce an improved method for describing media files. WhatsApp is constantly adding new features and doesn’t appear to be slowing down. The instant messaging application is consistently improving with each passing day, and there is a steady stream of news about new features being added. As anticipated, a recent update has been announced that includes a new feature for enhanced file sharing.

According to WABetainfo, a website that tracks WhatsApp updates and features, users now have the ability to add descriptions to forwarded media files, including photos, GIFs, videos, and documents. This new feature, called “Description for Forwarded Messages,” is currently being released to select beta testers by WhatsApp. With so many users forwarding files and documents on a daily basis, it can become overwhelming and confusing to identify each file within the app. This new feature aims to alleviate this issue and make the process less tedious.

WhatsApp has introduced a solution to simplify the process of identifying forwarded media files. According to the update, users can now add custom descriptions to forwarded images. This new feature allows users to replace the original description with their own, even if the image already had a description.

The upcoming update, labeled as version, will be made accessible to select beta testers only. The website has stated that the update will not be immediately available for all beta accounts. One of the useful features of this update is the ability to edit image descriptions. This feature can come in handy in various situations, such as correcting an incorrect description forwarded by someone or adding a description to an image that previously lacked one.

Moreover, this feature can be utilized to clarify the message behind an image or video that you have forwarded, making it easier to share your thoughts or opinions.

This feature is part of a series of updates currently being developed, and as usual, beta testers will have the opportunity to try it out before it is made available to all public users of WhatsApp.

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