Combining ChatGPT and Google Search: A step-wise guide for beginners

Combining ChatGPT and Google Search: A step-wise guide for beginners. Comparisons on ChatGPT and Google Search are causing the ink to flow. But in reality, comparing these two tools is like choosing between two running shoes: one is comfortable, but not fast enough; the other is fast, but not comfortable enough.

While waiting for the public opinion to decide who is the winner, I show you how to combine ChatGPT and Google Search in order to obtain the computer equivalent of a magic shoe which is both comfortable and fast. What progress! Now, if only we could find a tool that allows us to eat pizza while exercising…

In the meantime, ChatGPT and Google Search will have to do the trick.

ChatGPT for Google, an extension that combines ChatGPT & search engines.

I want to introduce you to a handy tool that allows you to combine ChatGPT & other search engines (not just Google).

It is a Chrome extension (it is also available on Firefox) to be installed like any other extension.

How to do it ?

  1. Install the ChatGPT for the Google extension
  2. Create and log in to your Open AI account. Here is a guide to registering if you are in an unsupported country
  3. Go to any search engine and do your search normally.
  4. A widget will appear on the right with the response that ChatGPT returns.
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