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How to get paid Android apps for free in 2024

Get paid Android apps for free the legit way!

How to get paid Android apps for free in 2024? Paid Android apps are no doubt the best when it comes to the features it offers. Although there are many good free apps in the Google Play Store, there also exist apps without the free version. So, if you are looking for a way to get your hands on paid Android apps for free, then we have the solution here.

We are not going to tell you to download modded apps in the name of getting unlocked features. It is true mods come with unlocked features, but they are still limited. Some modded apps may even contain scripts that allow the developer to spy on you!

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Advantages of using paid apps

Some of the benefits you get for using paid apps are;

  • They are free from Ads. Unlike free versions of most apps that comes with ads, paid apps are ad-free. So, if you do not want to keep seeing annoying ads while using an app, get the paid version.
  • Early Updates
  • Paid apps consume less data since it has no ads, especially, video ads.
  • The availability of more features.
  • Fewer bugs

How to get paid Android apps for free

There are many ways one can use to get hold of paid apps without spending a dime. You can make use of some apps as well as websites or communities for this. Below, we have listed some of the legit ways of getting paid for Android apps for free.

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Get paid Android apps for free via special free apps

Get paid apps free with appseles

There are apps in the Google Play Store that keep track of all app sales. By making use of such apps, you will be able to know exactly when paid apps are on sale. Some app developers occasionally put their apps on sale, and at zero cost. Some popular apps that can help you get free paid apps are;

  1. AppSales apk
  2. PAGF
  3. App Hoarder apk

Using the above apps, you can easily download some paid Android apps and games for free.

Get paid apps for free from tech sites and communities

Without having to install some special apps, you can still get paid apps for free from some websites. Since it isn’t easy to keep a track of paid apps sales, joining some tech communities will be a good call of action. On Reddit, for example, there are subreddits that share information on app sales. Curious to know them? Take a look below.

Websites and subreddits where you can get information on paid apps sales:

  1. Google Play Deals
  2. Android Game Deals
  3. Android Police

Use the Google Opinion Rewards app

Google Opinion Rewards: Get paid apps for free
Google Opinion Rewards

The Google Opinion Rewards is another legit way of getting paid for Android apps & games for free. With this, you get paid by Google for answering quick surveys. When you answer surveys, the Google Opinion survey team will compensate you with Google Play credit which you can then use to purchase paid apps.

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