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[Free]Mendix: Low-code Application Development Course

Mendix: Low-code Application Development Course is now free to enrol for a limited time. We’ve applied a 100% off coupon code which make it free to enrol. If you are are a web developer who uses Mendix, this Udemy course could help you learn one or two things. So, enrol quick and learn how to develop Low Code Mobile and Web Applications with Mendix.

Mendix is a low-code software platform. It provides tools to build, test, deploy and iterate applications.

This new 6.5 Hours on-demand video course is created by Tarik Subaşı and is normally worth $19.99. But if you enrol via our link provided below, you will have to save $19.99. Awesome isn’t it?

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What you’ll learn

  • Students will learn how to develop low code applications with Mendix.

Mendix: Low-code Application Development Course Requirements

  • Object-Oriented Programming Concepts
  • HTML
  • CSS


Mendix is a high productivity app platform that enables you to build and continuously improve mobile and web applications at scale. The Mendix Platform is designed to accelerate enterprise app delivery across your entire application development lifecycle, from ideation to deployment and operations.

Mendix enables you to implement both Agile and DevOps best practices. It even goes beyond that by involving business stakeholders in the actual development of the applications.

Mendix offers both no-code and low-code tooling in one single fully integrated platform:

  • No code – Mendix provides a web-based visual app-modelling studio that is tailored toward business domain experts
  • Low code – an extensive and powerful desktop-based visual app-modelling studio is also provided, which is tailored towards professional developers and can be integrated with coding IDEs to extend capabilities

The result of this no-code and low-code combination is that business domain experts (like analysts and citizen developers) can work alongside expert developers to achieve much greater levels of alignment and accelerated delivery. Moreover, the Mendix Platform’s cloud-native architecture and automation tools support the deployment, management, and monitoring of highly available enterprise-grade applications.

So In this course, you will learn;

– How to create beautiful User Interface with Mendix

– Domain Model

– Microflows

– Security

– Rest Services



Who this course is for:

  • Software Engineers
  • IT employees who want to learn Mendix.

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