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This Udemy course on how to install Ubuntu Linux on a Virtual Machine is created by Jerome P. from JP Courses and was last updated 4/2019. Currently, 12K+ students are enrolled for this course.

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What you’ll learn

  • How to install Ubuntu Linux on a virtual machine and also do custom partitioning
  • How to install Ubuntu Linux on a virtual machine for learning/testing purposes
  • How to create custom partitions for Linux installation
  • For Linux students who want to install Linux on their windows or Mac OS
  • For beginners who want to learn and try out Linux, especially Ubuntu Linux
  • If you want to install Linux, but not sure how this course is for you.


  • You need a computer/pc/laptop
  • You need to be able to download some files
  • You need access to install new software on your computer
  • Beginner level, but some technical or IT knowledge will help
  • Interest in Linux, especially Ubuntu Linux

How to Install Ubuntu Linux on a Virtual Machine Course Description

Perfect for Beginners/Students but also useful for advanced users.

You don’t need to install Linux on your physical machine to try it out. You can safely install Ubuntu Linux on a virtual machine without any risks, and learn & test that way.

You will learn how to install Ubuntu Linux on a virtual machine, using Oracle VirtualBox.

The course covers how to install Ubuntu Linux, how to create custom partitions for the installation, and there is a brief overview at the end of how to setup your Desktop environment post-installation.

The installation of Ubuntu Linux on a virtual machine is almost exactly the same as on a physical harddisk/pc, therefore this course can be used to help you install Linux on your physical harddisk/pc/laptop.

Please don’t forget to rate my course, and you’re welcome to send me any questions too. I will be happy to answer them.

Who this course is for:

  • Linux beginners
  • Students of computer science, or any other IT courses
  • junior or beginner devops, sysops, aws
  • devops or sysops or aws students
  • IT students
  • computer studies students
  • junior programmers
  • junior developers
  • junior data scientists
  • junior python developers
  • python students
  • programming students
  • virtualization students
  • people who are interested in Linux
  • people who don’t know how to install Linux

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