Download Honor USB Driver for Windows 32 bits & 64 bits

Download Honor USB Driver for Windows 32 bits & 64 bits from this page. This driver will be needed for proper communication between your Honor Android device and your Windows computer.

The USB driver is a small piece of software that allows your computer to communicate with your Honor smartphone or tablet.

How to install the driver?

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 First, you’ll need to download the driver from the link below. Next, unzip the file and double-click on the .exe file to launch the installation wizard. Finally, follow the prompts to install the driver on your computer.

Honor USB Driver for Windows 32 bits & 64 bits for all models

The Honor USB Drivers below are officially provided by Honor Mobile Inc. Note that With the help of the Honor USB Driver, you can easily connect your Honor smartphones and tablets to the Windows computer only.

Honor 2Driver
Honor 10Driver
Honor 10 COL-AL00Driver
Honor 10 COL-AL00ADriver
Honor 10 COL-AL10Driver
Honor 10 COL-AL10IDriver
Honor 10 COL-L29Driver
Honor 10 COL-L29 AL10Driver
Honor 10 COL-TL00Driver
Honor 10 COL-TL10Driver
Honor 10 Columbia-AL00ADriver
Honor 10 Columbia-AL10BDriver
Honor 10 Columbia-AL10IDriver
Honor 10 Columbia-L29DDriver
Honor 10 Columbia-TL00DDriver
Honor 10 LiteDriver
Honor 10 Lite Harry-AL00CDriver
Honor 10 Lite Harry-L21Driver
Honor 10 Lite Harry-L21ADriver
Honor 10 Lite Harry-L21BDriver
Honor 10 Lite Harry-L22IAKDriver
Honor 10 Lite Harry-L22IBKDriver
Honor 10 Lite HRY-AL00Driver
Honor 10 Lite HRY-AL00C BDDriver
Honor 10 Lite HRY-AL10Driver
Honor 10 Lite HRY-BDDriver
Honor 10 Lite HRY-L21Driver
Honor 10 Lite HRY-L22Driver
Honor 10 Lite HRY-LX1Driver
Honor 10 Plus PE-L00Driver
Honor 10iDriver
Honor 10i Harry-L21CTDriver
Honor 10XDriver
Honor 10X Lite Dingdang-L29BDriver
Honor 10X Lite DNN-L29Driver
Honor 10X Lite DNN-LX9Driver
Honor 10X ProDriver
Honor 20Driver
Honor 20eDriver
Honor 20iDriver
Honor 20SDriver
Honor 20 LiteDriver
Honor 20 Lite Laura-AL00ADriver
Honor 20 Lite LRA-AL00Driver
Honor 20 Lite RussiaDriver
Honor 20 ProDriver
Honor 20 YAL-AL00Driver
Honor 20 Yale-AL00IDDriver
Honor 20 Youth EditionDriver
Honor 3Driver
Honor 3 HN3-U00Driver
Honor 3C 4G H30-L01Driver
Honor 3C 4GDriver
Honor 3C H30-C00Driver
Honor 3C H30-L02Driver
Honor 3C Hol-U10Driver
Honor 3C PlayDriver
Honor 3CDriver
Honor 3C-U10Driver
Honor 3X G750 G750-C00Driver
Honor 3X G750Driver
Honor 3X G750-U10Driver
Honor 3X ProDriver
Honor 30Driver
Honor 30 Birmingham-N19BDriver
Honor 30 BMH-AN10Driver
Honor 30 BMH-N19Driver
Honor 30 LiteDriver
Honor 30 Lite 5GDriver
Honor 30 ProDriver
Honor 30 Pro PlusDriver
Honor 30 YouthDriver
Honor 30 Youth EditionDriver
Honor 30i LRA-L21BDriver
Honor 30S CDY-AN90Driver
Honor 30S CDY-NX9Driver
Honor 30S CDY-NX9ADriver
Honor 30S Cindy-N29ADriver
Honor 30S Cindy-N29AHNDriver
Honor 30S CindyH-AN00ADriver
Honor 30SDriver
Honor 4 G620S-UL00Driver
Honor 4 Play G621-TL00Driver
Honor 4 PlayDriver
Honor 4A ATH-TL00Driver
Honor 4A ATH-TL00HDriver
Honor 4A ATH-UL00Driver
Honor 4A SC-CL00Driver
Honor 4A SCL-AL00Driver
Honor 4A SCL-CL00Driver
Honor 4A SCL-TL00HDriver
Honor 4A SCL-TL10Driver
Honor 4A SCL-TL10HDriver
Honor 4C CHM-CL00Driver
Honor 4C CHM-TL00Driver
Honor 4C CHM-U01Driver
Honor 4C CHM-UL00Driver
Honor 4CDriver
Honor 4XDriver
Honor 4X Che-L23Driver
Honor 4X Che-TL00HDriver
Honor 4X Che-TL10Driver
Honor 4X Che1-CL20Driver
Honor 4X CHE2-L11Driver
Honor 4X Cherry-CL10Driver
Honor 4X CherryPlus-L03Driver
Honor 4X CherryPlus-TL00Driver
Honor 4X CherryPlus-UL00Driver
Honor 5 CUN-AL00Driver
Honor 5 Play CUN-AL00Driver
Honor 50Driver
Honor 50 GlobalDriver
Honor 50 LiteDriver
Honor 50 NTH-AN00Driver
Honor 50 NTH-NX9Driver
Honor 50 NTH-TN00Driver
Honor 50 Pro RNA-AN00Driver
Honor 50 Pro RNA-LX9Driver
Honor 50 Pro RNA-TN00Driver
Honor 50 ProDriver
Honor 50 RNA-AN00Driver
Honor 50 SEDriver
Honor 5ADriver
Honor 5A CAM-AL00Driver
Honor 5A CAM-TL00Driver
Honor 5A CAM-TL00HDriver
Honor 5A LYO-L21Driver
Honor 5CDriver
Honor 5C NEM-AL00Driver
Honor 5XDriver
Honor 5X KIW-CL00Driver
Honor 5X KIW-L21Driver
Honor 5X KIW-L22Driver
Honor 6Driver
Honor 6 Plus PE-TL10Driver
Honor 6 Plus PE-TL20Driver
Honor 6 Plus PE-UL00Driver
Honor 6 Plus Pine-TL00MDriver
Honor 6 Plus Pine-TL10Driver
Honor 6 Plus Pine-TL20Driver
Honor 6 Plus Pine-UL00Driver
Honor 6 PlusDriver
Honor 6A DLI-AL10Driver
Honor 6X (2016)Driver
Honor 6X Berlin-L21HNDriver
Honor 6X Berlin-L22Driver
Honor 6X Berlin-L22HNDriver
Honor 6X Berlin-L23Driver
Honor 6X Berlin-TL10Driver
Honor 6X BLL-L22Driver
Honor 6X BLN-L21Driver
Honor 6X BLN-L24Driver
Honor 6X BLN-L41Driver
Honor 6X BLN-L42Driver
Honor 6X BLN-TL00Driver
Honor 6X BLN-TL10Driver
Honor 60Driver
Honor 60 ProDriver
Honor 7Driver
Honor 7 LK-UL00Driver
Honor 7 PLK-AL10Driver
Honor 7 PLK-L01Driver
Honor 7 PLK-L11Driver
Honor 7 PLK-UL00Driver
Honor 7ADriver
Honor 7A 2018 Atomu-AL00BDriver
Honor 7A 2018 Atomu-TL00BDriver
Honor 7A 2018 AUM-AL00ADriver
Honor 7A Atomu-AL20Driver
Honor 7A Atomu-TL20BDriver
Honor 7A AUM-AL00Driver
Honor 7CDriver
Honor 7C Atomu-L41Driver
Honor 7C LND-AL30Driver
Honor 7C LND-AL40Driver
Honor 7C LND-L29Driver
Honor 7iDriver
Honor 7i ATH-CL00Driver
Honor 7i ATH-TL00HDriver
Honor 7i ATH-UL00Driver
Honor 7SDriver
Honor 7S DUA-AL00Driver
Honor 7S DUA-L22Driver
Honor 7S Dura-AL00IADriver
Honor 7XDriver
Honor 7X BND-AL00Driver
Honor 7X BND-AL00CDriver
Honor 7X BND-AL10Driver
Honor 7X BND-AL10BDriver
Honor 7X Bond-AL00CDriver
Honor 7X Bond-AL10BDriver
Honor 7X Bond-L22CDriver
Honor 7X Bond-L42BDriver
Honor 8Driver
Honor 8 FRD-AL00Driver
Honor 8 FRD-AL10Driver
Honor 8 FRD-L09 BDDriver
Honor 8 FRD-L09Driver
Honor 8 Lite PRA-AL00Driver
Honor 8 Lite PRA-AL10Driver
Honor 8 Lite PRA-LA1Driver
Honor 8 Lite PRA-TL00Driver
Honor 8 Lite PRA-TL10Driver
Honor 8 Lite Prague-LA1Driver
Honor 8 ProDriver
Honor 80Driver
Honor 80 Pro PlusDriver
Honor 8ADriver
Honor 8A 2020Driver
Honor 8A JAT-AL00Driver
Honor 8A JAT-L21Driver
Honor 8A JAT-L29Driver
Honor 8A JAT-LX1Driver
Honor 8A Jakarta-AL00A-BDDriver
Honor 8A Jakarta-L21ADriver
Honor 8A PrimeDriver
Honor 8A Pro Jakarta-L41Driver
Honor 8A Pro JAT-L41Driver
Honor 8A ProDriver
Honor 8CDriver
Honor 8C BKK-AL10Driver
Honor 8SDriver
Honor 8S KSA-LX9Driver
Honor 8S 2020 AMN-AL10Driver
Honor 8S 2020 KSA-LX9Driver
Honor 8XDriver
Honor 8X Johnson-AL00ICDriver
Honor 8X Johnson-L21CDriver
Honor 8X Johnson-L21DDriver
Honor 8X Johnson-L22CDriver
Honor 8X Johnson-L22DDriver
Honor 8X JSN-AL00 Johnson-BDDriver
Honor 8X JSN-AL00Driver
Honor 8X JSN-AL10Driver
Honor 8X JSN-AL10CDriver
Honor 8X JSN-L21Driver
Honor 8X JSN-L22Driver
Honor 8X JSN-L23Driver
Honor 8X JSN-L42Driver
Honor 8X JSN-TL00Driver
Honor 8X MaxDriver
Honor 8X Max ARE-AL10DDriver
Honor 8X Max ARE-L22Driver
Honor 8X Max Ares-L22Driver
Honor 9 Lite Leland-AL00A-BDDriver
Honor 9 Lite Leland-L31ADriver
Honor 9 Lite LLD Leland-AL00A-BDDriver
Honor 9 Lite LLD-AL00Driver
Honor 9 Lite LLD-AL10Driver
Honor 9 Lite LLD-L21Driver
Honor 9 Lite LLD-L22CDriver
Honor 9 Lite LLD-L31Driver
Honor 9 Lite LLD-L31ADriver
Honor 9 Lite LLD-TL10Driver
Honor 9 Stanford-L09Driver
Honor 9 STF-AL00Driver
Honor 9 STF-L09Driver
Honor 9ADriver
Honor 9A MED-L29Driver
Honor 9A MOA-L49Driver
Honor 9A MOA-LX9NDriver
Honor 9A Moana-L49CDriver
Honor 9C AKA-L29Driver
Honor 9C Asoka-L29Driver
Honor 9CDriver
Honor 9iDriver
Honor 9NDriver
Honor 9N LelandP-L22CDriver
Honor 9N LLD-AL20Driver
Honor 9N LLD-L22Driver
Honor 9SDriver
Honor 9S DUA-LX9Driver
Honor 9S Dura-L29ADriver
Honor 9XDriver
Honor 9X GlobalDriver
Honor 9X LiteDriver
Honor 9X Pro Hulk-L41FHDriver
Honor 9X Stark-L21Driver
Honor 9X STK-L21Driver
Honor 9X STK-LX1Driver
Honor 70Driver
Honor 70 Pro PlusDriver
Honor 70 ProDriver
Honor BeeDriver
Honor Bee 4GDriver
Honor Changwan 7C LND-AL00Driver
Honor Changwan 7C LND-AL10-BDDriver
Honor Changwan 7C LND-L23Driver
Honor Cherry L04Driver
Honor Enjoy 7 DUA-AL00BDriver
Honor Enjoy 7 Dura-AL00IADriver
Honor HollyDriver
Honor Holly 2 PlusDriver
Honor Holly 2 Plus TIT-AL00Driver
Honor Holly 3Driver
Honor Holly 4 PlusDriver
Honor LGE-AN20Driver
Honor LUA-L22Driver
Honor MagicDriver
Honor Magic 2 3DDriver
Honor Magic 2 TNY-AL00Driver
Honor Magic 2 TNY-AL00A-BDDriver
Honor Magic 2 TNY-AL00B-BDDriver
Honor Magic 2 TNY-AL00C-BDDriver
Honor Magic 2 TNY-TL00Driver
Honor Magic 2 Tony-AL00BDriver
Honor Magic 2 Tony-BDDriver
Honor Magic 3Driver
Honor Magic 3 ProDriver
Honor Magic 3 Pro 5GDriver
Honor Magic 3 Pro PlusDriver
Honor Magic 4Driver
Honor Magic 4 LiteDriver
Honor Magic 4 ProDriver
Honor Magic 4 Pro Plus 5GDriver
Honor Magic 4 UltimateDriver
Honor Magic 4 Ultimate LGE-AN20Driver
Honor Magic NTS-AL00Driver
Honor Magic VDriver
Honor Note 8Driver
Honor Note 10Driver
Honor Note 10 Ravel-AL09Driver
Honor Note 10 RVL-AL09Driver
Honor Pad 2Driver
Honor Pad 6Driver
Honor Pad 8Driver
Honor Pad V7 Pro 5GDriver
Honor Pad V7 Pro Wi-FiDriver
Honor Pad X6Driver
Honor Pad X7 8.0Driver
Honor Pad X8Driver
Honor Pad X8 LiteDriver
Honor PlayDriver
Honor Play 3 ASKH-AL00Driver
Honor Play 3Driver
Honor Play 3eDriver
Honor Play 4 5GDriver
Honor Play 4 ProDriver
Honor Play 4 Pro 5GDriver
Honor Play 4eDriver
Honor Play 4TDriver
Honor Play 4T ProDriver
Honor Play 5Driver
Honor Play 5 5GDriver
Honor Play 5 YouthDriver
Honor Play 5TDriver
Honor Play 5T LifeDriver
Honor Play 5T ProDriver
Honor Play 5X KIW-AL10Driver
Honor Play 6CDriver
Honor Play 6TDriver
Honor Play 6T ProDriver
Honor Play 9A ASKH-AL00Driver
Honor Play 9A Asoka-AL00AXDriver
Honor Play 9A MOA-AL00Driver
Honor Play 9eDriver
Honor Play 20Driver
Honor Play 30 PlusDriver
Honor Play 30 Plus 5GDriver
Honor Play 40 PlusDriver
Honor Play COR-L29Driver
Honor Play Cornell-L29ADriver
Honor T3 AGS-L09Driver
Honor Tab 5 8.0Driver
Honor Tab 5 8.0 JDN2-W09HN-BDDriver
Honor Tab 5 8.0 Wi-FiDriver
Honor Tab 7Driver
Honor Tab X6Driver
Honor Tablet V7 KRJ2-W09Driver
Honor U8860Driver
Honor V6Driver
Honor V10Driver
Honor V10 BKL-AL00Driver
Honor V10 BKL-AL20Driver
Honor V10 BKL-TL10Driver
Honor V10 Berkeley-AL20Driver
Honor V20Driver
Honor V30 OXF-AN00Driver
Honor V30 Pro OXF-AN10Driver
Honor V30 Pro OxfordPL-AN10BDriver
Honor V30 ProDriver
Honor V40 5GDriver
Honor V40 LiteDriver
Honor V8Driver
Honor V8 KNT-AL20Driver
Honor V8 KNT-TL10Driver
Honor V9 MiniDriver
Honor V9 Play JMM-AL00Driver
Honor View 10Driver
Honor View 10 BKL-AL00Driver
Honor View 10 BKL-AL20Driver
Honor View 10 BKL-L09Driver
Honor View 10 BKL-TL10Driver
Honor View 10 Berkeley-AL20Driver
Honor View 10 Berkeley-TL10Driver
Honor View 30Driver
Honor View 30 Pro OXF-AN10Driver
Honor View 30 Pro OXF-N19Driver
Honor View 30 Pro OxfordP-N19CDriver
Honor ViewPad 6Driver
Honor ViewPad X6Driver
Honor X6Driver
Honor X7Driver
Honor X8Driver
Honor X8 5GDriver
Honor X8 TFY-LX1Driver
Honor X8 TFY-LX2Driver
Honor X8 TFY-LX3Driver
Honor X9 4GDriver
Honor X9 5GDriver
Honor X9Driver
Honor X10 LiteDriver
Honor X10 MaxDriver
Honor X10 Max 5GDriver
Honor X10Driver
Honor X10 ProDriver
Honor X10 Pro 5GDriver
Honor X11Driver
Honor X20 SEDriver
Honor X30Driver
Honor X30 MaxDriver
Honor X30iDriver
Honor X40 GTDriver
Honor X40iDriver
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