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Unity Distribution Portal – Go global with your Mobile Games

As a game developer, if you are looking to go global with your mobile games, then you will want to try Unity Distribution Portal (UDP). Reach billions of users across different popular App stores using a single distribution portal and without having to make separate builds for your games for different online stores.

Google Play Store and the Apple App Store are one of the biggest app store online but as a developer, you cannot limit yourself to using just these tow stores. Since there are some devices that come with a custom App store as it is the case with Samsung and Huawei for example, you will also want to have your games listed on their own app stores.

We also have some popular online stores like Uptodown where you can also have your game listed and get to reach even more users.

Unity Distribution Portal (UDP)

The challenge in distributing your games lies in the time and resources it takes to share it game worldwide – and that’s where the Unity Distribution Portal (UDP) comes in.

Regardless of the size of your team, UDP makes it easy to sell your game in Android alternative app stores everywhere.

The Unity Distribution Portal eliminates the need to create different builds for each app marketplace. With one single build and one single metadata profile, easily submit your game to each of our partner stores from the UDP console.

There are over a billion untapped gamers worldwide who could be playing your game. UDP helps to drastically cut the time it takes to publish your game to a multitude of alternative app stores.

Monitor performance

Unity Distribution Portal (UDP)
Image credit: Unity DIistribution portal

Once you have submitted your game via the UDP, you can easily keep track of activities and performance from the console. The UDP  Reporting page tracks revenue, daily active users, monthly active users, and more.

Quick edits and modifications

Make any in-game changes from a single workspace by pushing and pulling settings between the Unity Editor and UDP console. It’s also easy to revise and release different versions of your game within UDP.

Why use alternative app stores for your games?

There are more than a billion reasons why you should consider submitting your game to alternative app marketplaces beyond just the Google Play Store and App Store.

  • An estimated 1.7 billion mobile gamers will be using alternative app stores by 2023.
  • Around $5 billion dollars of revenue will be generated in stores outside of China.
  • Third-party app marketplaces are growing faster than the Google Play store.
  • The Unity Distribution Portal already reaches 1 billion+ players connected to these stores.

UDP Partner stores or marketplaces

Where will my game get published if I submit via the UDP?

You are surely asking yourself this question. And as we said, with the UDP, you just have to build once and distribute to different online stores. But where exactly?

You cannot submit your game from the UDP Console to Play Store or Apple Store but to any of the following:

Huawei AppGallery

AppGallery is HUAWEI’s official app distribution platform, preloaded on all HUAWEI and Honor smartphones. The app is available in more than 170 countries with about 180 million application downloads.

Since the appGallery comes pre-installed on all new Huawei and Honor phones, the probability of users using it and gettin to find your app is high.

Samsung Galaxy Store

Unity Distribution Portal - Go global with your Mobile Games

You can also have your game listed on the Samsung galaxy store without having to make a seperate build for it. Just make use of the Unity Distribution Portal and submit a single build.

The Samsung Galaxy Store is preloaded on all Galaxy smartphones and tablets, worldwide. Every month, 400 million visitors download more than 450 million apps from the Samsung Galaxy Store. It is currently available in 188 countries and provides paid content, including in-app purchases (IAPs), in 109 countries.

This Store features content displays and store operations customized for each regional market. In giant markets such as China and India, aggressive localization strategies are used.

Partnering with the Galaxy Store maximizes the influence of your promotions – UDP can provide banners, featured displays, push messages and other marketing material when you submit using it.

Check  this guide  to get started with Samsung Galaxy Store.


Uptodown: Unity Distribution Portal - Go global with your Mobile Games

Using the Unity Distribution Portal, you can also submit you game to the Uptodown Marketplace.

Uptodown reaches 100mil+ mobile gamers, offers 80/20 revenue share, and places games in their appropriate regional store locations based on localization.

Their most unique offerings are providing custom content to improve game visibility, and a standalone web store alongside their official app where users can discover and download games directly.

Submitting your game to Uptodown opens plenty of opportunities thanks to their worldwide reach and tailored store content for games.

But submitting to Uptodown through UDP gets you an important additional benefit: a bigger spotlight for your game in a featured section of the store, which further boosts its discoverability by eager players.

Mi GetApps Store

Mi GetApps is the official app store preinstalled on every Xiaomi smartphone sold outside of China, enabling developers to bring their games to India, Indonesia, and Russia.

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Developer: 237 SOLUTIONS
Price: Free

Xiaomi has a massive global reach, ranking as the #1 app marketplace in India and Indonesia and #2 in Russia. Mi GetApps leverages Xiaomi’s strong business ecosystem to enable developers to reach, acquire, and monetize players through various distribution resources and capabilities such as ads, store features, and special local events and promotions.

Signingup with UDP allows you to also submit your game or app to the Mi GetApp store where you can monetize as well and earn up to  70% of the gross revenue.

Other stores

  • ONE Store
  • SHAREit Game Store
  • QooApp Game Store
  • TPAY Mobile Stores

Ready to go global with your Games?

Now, after getting to know more about the UDP, are you ready to exploit it and go global with your games? Then it’s very simple to get started. Just follow the link below to signup for Unity Distribution Portal.

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